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Thursday, July 26, 2012

T Squared = Ten Things Thursday

Another round of the randomness that is Ten Things Thursday.  Created by the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.  Let the randomness begin.

1.  You asked for it.  So here it is.  A video brought to you from the Myers family studios.  I shall call it:  Alpha Chicken.
No puppies were harmed in the making of this film. 

How freaking hilarious is that?  That chicken is MEAN.  Like seriously evil.  It even chases me.  It better watch out.  Sleep with one eye open chicken.  You've been warned.

2.   Here is another fun fact about chickens.  They are cannibals.  Yep.  If they sense illness or weakness in another chicken they peck it to death and eat it.  Just one more strike against you little chickens.

Do you think the chickens think:  Dang!  That Charley chicken was finger lickin' good.

3.  How hot is it where you are?  It is like 115 degrees in the shade here. 

4.  For all you Magic Mike lovers..........I give you the original.

I saw this posted on a FB friends wall and I almost wet my pants laughing.  It is like the best SNL sketch EVER.  Too funny.

5.  Speaking of FB...what is with all the pathetic status updates lately?  Does anyone else agree?  Just recently I saw a post on someones wall about:  No one likes me.  I have no friends.  None at all.  Please comment if you are my friend...please.  Then a few days later the same person posted:  Everyone on here is a##holes!  Does anyone else feel this way?  Ummmmm.....No! What we agree on is that you need bipolar meds and therapy.  Seriously people, think before you post on a public forum.  I think it may be time to clean some FB house.

6.  If I was driving down the road and I stopped at a red light behind this truck.............I think I would poop my pants. 

That's not funny.  At. All.  Do not bring on the clowns.

7.  The other day in the Wally World we were walking down the beverage aisle.  Okay, it was the adult beverage aisle.  I picked up a bottle of wine for dinner and my middle child said:  Great, just great!  We have finally drove mom to drink!  Sometimes my kids crack me up.  They are like built in entertainment.

8.  I am thinking it is only an 8 thing kinda day.  I am sure I have given you more randomness that you can handle.

Hasta la vista dahhhhlllllings!!!!


  1. OH I so agree on the FB thing!!!I have so many friends who just post random stuff about their personal life, which floors me!!

    Those clowns are SCARY!!!!

    And the chicken video, LOL!!!

  2. lol love the chickens, I wanted to get a few and a cute coop and all but my husband does not want them he is like "you dont even scoop the cat box and I am not cleaning up chicken coop poop" it's true I would like them and the eggs but not the poop or the work, not with my toddler running around, maybe when I am on old lady. lol
    I am in the Boston area and it is so humid, it has been in the 90's with about 70% humidity ughh. come on Fall.... I love your lil doggie :o)

  3. I'm sitting here at work cracking up at the chicken video when our receptionist walks by...she probably thinks I'm having a mental breakdown (she wouldn't be too far off the mark)!

  4. So I totally snorted when I saw the clowns. Talk about scary. And then the wine, seriously your kids=hilarious!

  5. Oh hellll no. I can't even stay on here after the clown pic. I have a fear, and it is legitimate.

    I can't see the video, but I bet it's hilarious. :)

    Also, people on FB be crazy. I block almost everyone on there cuz they all post too damn much.