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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Got Pac Man Fever

Remember the 80's?  When Pac-man was all the rage? Do you remember the Pac-man song?

I got Pac-man fever.  Pac-man fever.  And it's driving me crazy.

Do you remember the little noise Pac-man makes as he gobbles up the colored balls? 


Well, I got the fever.  Except my fever goes something like this:

Woka, woka..................chocolate

Woka, woka...................chips

Woka, woka..................anything I can shove in my pie-hole

Woka, woka..................any bad food choices

Is there junk in the house?  Watch out.  I am a human vaccuum right now.  Hide your chocolate.  Lock up your cupcakes. 

Why is it my band seems to loosen up during TOM?  I have read others blogs.  Lucky them their band actually gets tighter. 

The funny thing is a "bad" day for me is around 1,500 to 1,600 calories.  That is most people's good day.  Before band I would have kicked myself and beat myself up over a bad day.  Now?  Well, today is a new day.  A fresh start. 

Oh wait................it's Leap Day.  Everything you do today doesn't count (for all you 30 Rock fans you know what I am talking about). 

Does that pertain to chocolate intake?

I can dream.

Happy Leap Day!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Unsupportive Spouses

This weekend while logging my food choices on MFP I just happened to read a post.  Okay, I just didn't happen to read it, I actually was intrigued by the title.

I almost never read anything posted.  At the beginning of my journey, I read, commented and posted a lot on a lap band forum.  But, somewhere along my journey as I became successful at my weight loss I grew bored with the constant ramblings and belly aching of people who really were not trying.  It seemed there were many (not all) posts asking  the question "why haven't I lost weight?"  When in reality they listed mostly crap they were eating and they had a sedentary lifestyle.  Anyway, I digress..............

This post was from a woman who wanted to know if others believed her husband was sabotaging her weight loss success.  I guess he has become her food pusher.  Bringing home junk (and I mean lots of junk) and trying to make her eat it.  She fully admitted to indulging in the food on several occasions.

My first thought was...........well, just because he brings it home doesn't mean you have to eat it.  But, that is a very simplistic way to look at it.  Too simplistic really.

Food holds such emotional power over us.  Half the weight loss battle is fighting the "head" hunger and the emotional part of us that is tied to food.  Yes, she has the ability to say no.  But, emotionally is she in that place?

I don't know.  It is just something that really got me thinking about the power of food.  How the weight issue plays such a huge part in our relationships.

Sure, the husband is a food pusher.  That was obvious.  But clearly this woman was battling her own food demons.  That is the hardest part of the whole weight loss journey.  At some point we have to cut the emotional ties that bind us to food.  Is that possible?

(Oh by the way........since my husband is banded, he has no choice but to be supportive!)  I can not imagine being at my own home and feeling sabbotaged.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I am skipping 10 Things Thursday today because I am officially claiming my overall big goal.  I have been bouncing back and forth between 176 and 173 for about 1 week.  Today is the second day the scale has been consistent at 173.9.  My original goal was 175. 

When I first was banded, 175 felt like a pipe dream.  I did not believe that I would get here this quickly.  But, as I have said before, this is not where I need to stop.  Therefore, I am creating a new weight loss ticker for every 10 lbs. after 175.  Somewhere around 155-160 will be perfect for me...or so I think.

One thing that I have learned along my journey is that it is good to be flexible.  I really believe that is why I need to reevaluate my goals.  I will know when the number is right for me.

Anyway, I took a picture just to have concrete evidence of the number that my scale said today.

Usually I am full of funny comments,  but not today.  Today is kind of sacred for me.  Sacred and surreal.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Uh-Oh......I think I am getting sick

For the last two days I have dropped the kids at school and climbed back into bed.  Where I slept in a deep coma-like sleep until 10. 

That is not the norm with me.

Usually, I have so much energy there is no way I could fall asleep.

And now?

I am achy and just plain BLECK (is that a word?).

I know I am getting sick.  There is no way around it.

Last night, I went to the gym and tried to sweat away the sickness.  Today?  Not gonna happen.  I can barely keep my eyes open.

I have not been sick, since being banded (at least not really sick) and I am not looking forward to it.  I am trying to deny, deny and deny that I feel like complete crap. 

Whoa is me (I am throwing myself on the bed with my hand over my head to set the dramatic mood).

There is a bright light though.................I am not hungry.  AT ALL.  So, I have been drinking protein shakes.  Perhaps, the scale will reward me with a low number.  I can hope, right?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday brought to us by Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

1.  I had a good workout this morning.  I have figured out I burn more calories cranking the old dreadmill up to about a 9 incline and walking than I do when I actually run with no incline.  I have to hold on for dear life.  I probably need to wear one of those medic alert necklaces.  You know the ones you push when you have "fallen and can not get up".  I have almost busted my butt a few times.  Just thinking about it makes me giggle.  That would be a funny video to send to Americas Funniest Home Videos.

2.  This is my new motto:
I puffy heart Yoda.  He is one bad ass little green man.

3.  Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, I am not going to blow away.  A 179 lb. woman is NOT skin and bones.   I don't know why people are starting to say this to me.  As far as the little BMI chart is concerned (which honestly I find a bit ridiculous),  I am still in the overweight category.  Please do not worry.  I eat.  A lot.  I have discussed my weight with my surgeon and he and I have come to a conclusion that 155-160 lbs. is perfect for me.  I promise, I will not die of starvation.   But thank you very much for the concern (can you detect the sarcasm in my tone?).

3.  Stupid M & M's.  Why were they invented?  They are my downfall.  I bought a container of the mini M & M's Easter candy.  I just HAD to have them.  They were cute and in a little pink tube.  They had a picture of M & M's dressed as bunnies.  I just couldn't resist.  They are in my fridge right now plotting my demise.  I should just eat them and get it over with. 

4.  I bought the fur child a new collar necklace today.  It is gold with rhinestones.  Very fabulous.  A girl can never have enough jewelry.

Ming-Ming (oh, yes that is the princesses name......we had to name her after Chinese royalty) won't even look at the camera.  She thinks she is too good.   I think she believes we are all her servants.

5.  We just got back from a basketball tournament that Lily's BFF played in.  I don't think we will probably ever be invited back as the Myers clan is VERY loud.  Just kidding, I am sure we will be invited back (but we are rather loud and obnoxious).   Since I am a camera hog now, I had to have a picture.  Of myself of course, not the kids. 
Me on the left, my good friends Jan (center) and Kim (right).  We is three hot mamas!!!  I will have to tell you about the time Kim (who is 5 ft. tall and probably weighs 100 lbs. when soaking wet) and I went shopping when I was a real fattie.  Good times.  There is nothing like helping your friend who wears a 2 shop when you are a 24W. 

6.  Kevin just came home with a takeout box from some event he went to tonight.  He tried to give it to me.  I handed it back and said I wasn't hungry.  I LOVE MY BAND.  I don't know how I thought I could do this on my own.  Really, why was I so determined to do this myself?  It is the best tool ever.

7.  Now that I have lost weight I seem to change clothes.  A LOT.  I tried on 4 different outfits before deciding on what to wear.  I didn't have this problem when I was big.  I would just throw something on.  So many choices now. 

8.  Because I have so many choices now, I seem to be shopping very regularly.  I can walk in to any store and find something.  That is both good and bad.  Good because it solidifies that I am now in a normal weight range.  Bad because my checkbook is being worn out.

9.  My band is super fickle about weather.  Yesterday, I could eat anything.  It was 75 and sunny here.  Almost Spring-like.  Today it is 59 and cold.  My band no likey cold.  It is super tight today.  I was lucky to get 1,100 calories down.

10.  I am trying to keep my eyelids open but the hubs just turned it on the golf channel.  It has a sleep inducing quality.  Boring.........ZZZZZZZZZZ. 

That is all my little chicas.  Hope you had a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

This Valentine's Day was drastically different from years past.  There was no large fatty meal.  My chocolate intake was 3 mini Midnight Milkyways and this is what my hubby bought me........

Aren't they pretty?  Brooks running shoes (per my request).  My  favorite part of the day was the 60 minute run/walk on the dreadmill that consisted of an incline of 6.

 Also, the family spent the evening watching my daughter's basketball game.  I don't have to sit on the bottom bleacher anymore as I do not feel like I will be Humpty Dumpty and have a great fall (that and I don't huff and puff after a few stairs).  Oh, and one person who had not seen me in months didn't even recognize me.  I love when people do not recognize me.  It means all my hard work has payed off.

Happy hump day!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

I NEED This Scarf

I jest that my ta-tas look like two socks stuffed with tennis balls.  I jest because this is in fact TRUE.  Sad, huh?  So the other day I came across this picture on the time-sucking website of Pinterest. 

I must have this scarf.  It is speaking to me.  Calling me.   How fun would this be to wear to a BOOBS convention? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday.............which means.............10 things Thursday!  Brought to us by the always funny Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier. 

1.  I had an appointment with my surgeon today.   Their scale said I had lost 10 lbs. since last month.  I will take that!  Encouraging since last month their scale said I had lost the big fat doughnut (as in zero!).  My doctor said the nutritionist had stopped by his office and was worried that I wasn't eating enough.  Say what?!  I consume at the very least 1,200 calories and more on the days of strenuous exercise.  It is a classic case of damned if you do and damned if you don't.  Maybe I need to give her the link to myfitnesspal so she can see that I actually eat.

2.  Cry-fest 2012 has finally stopped.  Tuesday I cried off and on all day.  Before band I would have shoved pie down my face but now something miraculous happens when I get upset.  My band gets really tight.  No emotional eating for me.  Now I have to deal with my emotions.  So, I cried all day because I will selfishly miss Lesley after she is gone.  Don't worry.  I am okay now.  I already am planning my vacation for the summer (road trip to see her).

3.  Because of Cry-fest I consumed liquids for 2 days.  The scale is my friend today.

4.  Yesterday, I had to run to Sam's Club to purchase candy for a PTO event on Friday.  I loaded and unloaded $400 worth of candy and beverages into my car.  I didn't eat one piece of candy!  That in itself is a miracle.

5.  I am in a size 12.  A definite 12.  14's fall off.  That is something I can not wrap my brain around.  The last time I was in a 12 was about 15 yrs. ago. 

6.  Did you know that you can order a skinny latte at Sbucks and have them put a scoop of protein powder in it?  It adds 8 more grams of protein.  It is one of my go-tos when I am out and about.  Much better than fast food.  Which I think is the devil.

7.  Here is a reason to go thrift storing.  I found a North Face jacket yesterday at G'will.  It was $5.99 and looks brand new.  Retail.....$125.  Score!

8.  I really want pizza but sometimes I have a major problem with it.   Any suggestions of type of pizza (if you eat it) would be appreciated.

9.  I finally had to buy new sports bras.  The sisters were flying everywhere and I was afraid I would give myself a black eye while running.  Size L.....down from a snug 3X at the beginning of being banded.

10.  I am so close to my overall goal of 175 lbs.  When I set my goal, I really did not believe I would ever get here.  Now I am thinking 175 is too high.  I am not trying to be greedy.  I work really hard with diet and exercise.  I just think maybe I need to get in a healthy BMI range (I mean I did have bariatric surgery, which is a drastic measure).  If I can get where I am now in under a year, then surely I can work and get off another 20 lbs. 

That is all!  Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I Am Sad...............

I am sad.

Very sad.

I have put off writing this , because by putting this in writing it makes it real.  But, it is real and I can't keep denying it.

My exercise buddy/friend/therapist/non-blood sister, Lesley is moving.  I knew it was coming.

How do you tell someone goodbye that has been such a big part of your life?  How do you tell them how much they have meant to you? 

I have seen Lesley every morning for the last 6 months.  Rain or shine we have walked, talked, sweated and cried together.  She has cheered me on at every milestone of my weightloss journey.  She has pushed me to keep going when I wanted to quit.  Without her I do not think I would be exercising at the level I do.

So how do you tell someone like this goodbye?

You don't.  Not because you do not want to (even though I selfishly DO NOT want to), but because I can not express how she has helped me.  Instead, I will write it and hope she reads it (she will....she reads everything I write because that is the kind of friend she is).

Thank you.  Thank you for cheering me on.  Thank you for sausaging me into dresses and jeans that are snug.  Thank you for making me laugh when I have accidents while walking.  Thank you for motivating me when I didn't feel like being motivated.  Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder.  Thank you for making me the best coffee in the world every morning.  But most importantly, thank you for being my friend.

I will miss you.  This isn't the end of a friendship by far.  It is the beginning of a new chapter.  A chapter filled with texts, Skypes, FB and lots of e-mails.

I promise to keep on walking.  I will make you proud.  That is my promise to you and to myself.  All our hard work will not go wasted. 

I will miss you desperately, my friend.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dear T.O.M.

Found this on Pinterest and thought I'd share it with all my fellow T.O.M. sorority sisters!

I think as a consolation prize for having to deal with being a woman  we shouldn't have to log all our food during T.O.M. (hey, I can dream right?).

Peace out.  I will be huddled in the corner in a Midol induced haze.

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday!  Which means..............................ten thingsThursday, brought to us by the lovely, always funny Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

  1. Something tragic has happened at my house.  The beer/wine refrigerator is on the fritz.  Do not worry though, plans have been made to resurrect it.  The funny thing is, there is no beer or wine in it. It just holds water and juice boxes.  Not that is hasn't held liquor before,  but I refuse to stock it while I am in my weight loss phase. 
  2. I am going to the gym before I pick the kids up at school today.  That will make 3 times this week!  Hooray me!  I am going to run on the dreadmill.  I hate it, but it must be done as I have to do something to counteract all the chocolate I have been inhaling.
  3. I just realized I need new bras.  Something that will lift my sagging boobies.  *Insert sigh here*  I actually have to lift the sisters up and shove them in the bra cups.  How depressing is that?  Oh how I need a lift.  Not implants, just a lift.  I guess I need to start saving my pennies now.
  4. I wish T.O.M. would go away now.  Why does my band let me eat anything????  Seriously, I have been shoving chocolate down my face for the last 48 hours.  Go away Aunt Flo.  Now.  Go.  Away.
  5. This morning it was so foggy I couldn't see 10 feet in front of me.  What is up with this weather?  Yesterday is was 75 and today it going to be no different.  What happened to Winter?
  6. Tomorrow I am going on a field trip with my 5th grader's class.  We are going to the Ft. Worth stock show.  A day of smelling manure, walking with my girl, eating funnel cakes (oh, yeah!) and riding rides that I can fit in now..............it doesn't get much better than that!
  7. I am finally going to get my wedding ring sized.  It has been bothering my husband that I haven't been wearing it.  I don't think my fingers will shrink anymore.  My fingers are no longer fat little sausages.
  8. I am going to my first LB support group ever tonight.   I was the first patient banded at our hospital, yes, the first (you didn't read it wrong).  I have mixed emotions about going.  I have used all of you in blog land as my support system for almost a year now.  I am very comfortable in blog land.  Talking in front of other people makes me uneasy.  But, I am going.  I will keep you posted.
  9. My allergies are killing me.  I have woken up twice this week coughing.  My congestion seems to tighten my band.  Stupid Spring-like weather in the Winter!!!!
  10. There is a Snickers bar that has been in my fridge for over 6 months now.  I refuse to eat it.  I open the fridge, look at it and think "I am stronger than you!"  Warped huh?  A friend asked me why I don't just throw it away.  Duh!  I want to prove I am stronger than that damn candy bar.  My family is scared to eat it.  They think I may stab them in their sleep for eating my chocolate stash.  However, it has not stopped me from getting handfuls of chocolate chips that are sitting right beside it.  That is the kind of twisted logic that  is going through my brain!
Well, that is it today!  Have a great Thursday!