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Monday, September 24, 2012

Motivational Monday....Life Lessons From My 10 Yr. Old

Today my motivation comes straight from my 10 yr. old;  who has shown me once again that in life you have to roll with the punches.

I just got an email from her teacher.  It included the cryptic message:  Lily wants to know if you will bring her a pair of shorts to the school.

Hmmmm.  No explanation.  No reason why.  Just to bring her a pair of shorts.

My brain automatically was going a million miles an hour coming up with possibilities of reasons why more shorts would be needed.

Perhaps she ripped them.  Maybe they didn't make dress code.  Did she spill something on them?  Was there a spot on them?

So, I jumped in the car and immediately took the shorts to the office where they proceeded to call her down and let her know her mom was waiting for her.

When she walked into the office she had a smile on her face.  Good sign, right? 

Well, she told me how she had an incriminating mark on the "butt"  of her pants.  She turned around and showed me and sure enough she looked like she had pooped her pants.

Apparently, her BFF noticed first thing this morning and like any good BFF would do wrapped her sweatshirt around her waist.  Giving up her clothes to console her friend.  If that isn't a good best friend I don't know what is.

So I asked Lily if her friend had given her the sweatshirt before everyone had seen the spot.   Her reply:  No, mom.  EVERYONE saw it.   They were pointing at it.  I tried to tell them is was just paint but everyone said it looked like poop.

I helped her change and asked her if she was going to be okay.  I mean I know if it had been me I would have been in the nurses office with a cool rag on my head sobbing.  And after my mom had helped me change I would have clung to her and insisted on taking the rest of the day off.  I would have cried uncontrollably probably making myself vomit.  Then my mom would have carted me to the psychologist  to get me a child size dose of Valium.  I would have made every argument as to why she needed to home school me.  To that she would have laughed and I would have cried harder and flung myself on every surface insisting I could NEVER EVER show my face in the 3rd grade again. 

But that was me at 10.  Pure drama.

Her?  Not so much. 

She just laughed.  And told me not to be silly.  That she was fine.  She had her BFF.  Emma would have her back.  Anyway, she knew it wasn't poop and that is all that mattered.

Yep, my 10 yr. old once again has shown me that sometimes in life you just have to roll with the punches.

Life Lesson Of The Day:  Always check the seat of your pants before leaving the house. In case you forget and there is a stain on your pants:  Learn to laugh at the situation.  Roll with it. It is all about how you react.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

TTT Is Just A Pipe Dream Today.................

My phone has been dinging all morning.  With constant text messages and calls.......about my non-paying, full-time job (A.K.A. PTO). 

All I have to say is this:

Yep, it's one of those days.

You would have thought I had broken the law because I turned my phone off this morning when I worked out. 

It's going to be a long, long day.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Where Is The Logic????

I just got back from Wally World.  And get this..........

I needed approval to buy protein shake powder. 100% whey protein powder with no additives.


Like the checkout lady had to approve the transaction.  To make sure I was okay to buy protein powder.

Where is the logic in this?

I can buy any trans fat laced snack without approval.  I can buy an energy drink without approval.  Heck, I can even buy wake-up over the counter medicine.

But I can not buy J*llian M*chaels whey protein powder without approval.

That folks is completely insane. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Too Funny Not To Share

My friend Tammie (her dog is the one we are trying to breed our pug with) texted me this picture yesterday.

Hilarious right?

That is my dog grinning like an idiot in the background.  And her dog Mr. Puggles looks scared to death.

He is probably wondering what the heck his mom did to him trying to set him up with a experienced older woman.

Poor, poor Mr. Puggles.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Well, it's Thursday again.  So.............Ten, Things Thursday are brought to us by the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs & Getting Healthier.

1.  I have become a dog pimp.  Yep.  I am whoring out my fur baby.  A friend of ours has a male pug.  It helps that I know he is from a good family.  We didn't want her socializing with any questionable doggies.  Nope.  She is way too good for that.  Funny how now that we are trying to get her preggers she won't cooperate.  Yesterday when Mr. Puggles and her were locked together in a large dog kennel they took a nap.  Yep.  A nap.  Georgia (my 8 yr. old) asked me how it went and when I told her they had spent the afternoon napping together she replied:  "Oh, you know what that means right?  That means he is just in the friend zone".    Friend zone?  She is 8.  She may be watching too much T.V.

2.  Speaking of T.V., I was driving down the road the other day when a T*ylor Sw*ft song came on the radio.  Georgia of course had a comment.  Here is what went down....

I hear a loud huff.  When I look in the mirror Georgia has her arms crossed and is rolling her eyes.

Me:  What?
Georgia:  T*ylor Sw*ft should have her own reality show.
Me:  Why?
Georgia:  Duh!  She needs to have a show called:  Breakup With T*ylor Sw*ft.  Boys would be crying all over the place because she broke up with them and wrote a song about it.
Me:  Okay.  That actually may be a good idea.
Georgia:  Duh again, mom.  Of course it was a good idea......it was mine!

3.  I am being a lazy eater lately.  I have reverted back to protein shakes.  It is like I can't be bothered to chew right now.  That is lazy folks.  Lazy.

4.  Hannah officially sprained her ankle.  Kevin ended up taking her to the ER last Saturday night for an x-ray.  She has been on crutches and in a brace all week.  Since she is a fashionista she could not bear to go to school in a plain black brace so she used duct tape to decorate it. 

Notice there is a roll of toilet paper sitting on my counter..........WTH?  Why am I the only one capable of cleaning up?!  
Anyway, isn't her brace cute?  She is one crafty little 11 yr. old.

5.  Monday, we had a grandparents luncheon at the school.  Since grandparents weren't available to go with Lily and Georgia they had to eat lunch with me.  Which they weren't too excited about.  Apparently since I live up at the school it is not "special"  that mommy is there.  That comment came straight from my 10 yr. old.  Sniff, sniff.  I guess they don't care that I only carried them in my womb and nourished them for 9 months and then haven't had a good night sleep since they were born.  :p

6.  I have discovered Pop Chips.  What do they sprinkle on them....crack?  They are so addictive.  This may have been a bad thing for me to discover because now I am obsessed with them. 

7.  Kevin came home last night and asked us to go with him Friday morning to Dallas.  There is going to be a Granbury segment on a morning show and they need an audience.  Then he told me we would need to be on a charter bus to go by 3 a.m.  That is when I actually laughed in his face.  Uh....there is no way I am getting on a bus at 3 a.m.  No.  Stinking.  Way.  I don't care about being on T.V.  Probably because I know I would look like crap on camera at 3 a.m. in the morning.  I would look like someone punched me in the eye due to the dark circles and bags around my eyes.  There is no amount of coffee that would be capable of waking me up at that time of morning.  No.  Thank.  You.

8.  I think there is something wrong with our puppy.  She is licking the window right now.  Poor puppy.  She is "special". 

9.  It is finally raining.  Which makes me want to nap.  I want to curl up under a quilt with a good book and fall asleep to the sounds of rain hitting the roof.

10.  Boot camp started on Monday.  So....I went Monday and Wednesday and have gone to the gym Tuesday and today.  Then I will do boot camp on Friday morning.  I am hoping this 5 day a week exercise schedule during the week will enable me to take the weekends off and enjoy the kids.

That is all!  Have a great Thursday.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivational Monday

How many times in life do we continue to make the same mistakes and then wonder why things always turn out the same?

I know I wondered this for years.

Then I realized I was the one that was going to have to change in order to get a different outcome.

Simple right?

Oh how my life would have been so much easier if I had just realized this at 22 instead of 40. 

I hope you have had a fantastic Monday.

Remember:  we ALWAYS have a choice, so make one you won't regret.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy To Report

I am happy to report that I did not stuff one sugar-laced substance into my mouth last night.  In fact, I did not shove anything into my pie hole.

I did however cry.  And I am not much of a crier.  Which made my family a bit nervous.

About 5 minutes after I posted my phone was receiving text messages.  Three of my favorite people all told me to step away from the cookies and asked if I was okay. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to know that I am not alone.  To know I have people who care.

Today will be a better day.  I can tell it in my bones.  Hannah's ankle looks a lot less angry and I will be shopping and comparing prices of washing machines.

Thank you to everyone who commented or texted me.  You all mean the world to me!

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's Been A Hard Day

80% of the time this journey isn't too hard for me.  My band controls my appetite and I can make good food choices.  I now enjoy exercise.  Life just seems to go pretty smoothly.

Then there is the 20%.

Like today.

Which has SUCKED (and that is putting it nicely).

The repairman finally showed up to fix the washer.  But his verdict:  the motor is out.  On my electronic washer.  Which means.....shell out 500+ to fix it or buy a new washer.

We will be shopping for a non-electronic model.  By the way, mine was only 3 years old.  Top of the line.  But naturally it is out of warranty.  Sigh. 

And the washing machine verdict has created a lot of marital tension.  So, I am emotionally a basket case. 

Then, when I picked Hannah up as school she was limping.  Her ankle is completely swollen and I am 90% sure she has sprained it.  She is lying on the couch elevating her leg with an ice pack on it.

And if that weren't enough, I am still off the go-go juice (sugar).  For 48 hours now I have been sugar-free. Which is why I have a huge headache and want to spit nails at the people I love.

I want to cry.

I want to stuff a big fat chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. I want to drown my sorrows in a sea of cupcakes.

The one thing I needed to do today to make myself feel better was to go to the gym .  But that didn't happen. Because life got in the way.

And the old friend "food" that I relied on for so long is no longer an option. 

So, I am sitting here blogging.  Hoping that by writing exactly how it feels in real life it will in some way cleanse the crap from my day.

Some days are so much harder than the others.  I know I am making the right decision by staying away from the cookie jar.  It doesn't make it any easier though.

It is still hard.  Hard.  Hard.  Hard.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday are brought to us courtesy of the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs & Getting Healthier.

1.  I gots to get off The Juice.  Off The Sauce.  Off the wonderful, sweet, heaven sent sugar.  UHG!!  Why sugar?  Why do you torment me so?  You are the devil I tell you...the devil.

2.  I haven't had any sugar in 15 hours.  Yep.  And my head is pounding.  I really, really want a handful of chocolate chips (that are hanging out and taunting me in my fridge) but I am not gonna do it.  Nope.  Because I will prove to myself I am stronger than sugar-crack.  I am giving those little heavenly chocolate nuggets the mental bird. 

3.  And speaking of birds................This is what was following me down to the mailbox this morning.

I am like the Pied Piper of chickens.  You can call me the chicken whisperer.

4.  Have anyone else's kids gone Duct Tape crazy.  Hannah has been making these Duct Tape flower pens.  She now has about 20 things of Duct Tape (and guess who bought it).  The duct tape now comes in all patterns and colors.  How crazy is that?  I remember when it was just silver....that was back in the day when I had to walk 5 miles uphill in the snow to the one room school house (just kidding!).  But my kids did ask me one time if I lived during the Little House On The Prairie time.

5.  Our washing machine has been broken now for quite awhile.  Stan the repairman had to order a special part.  Apparently, the M*ytag Br*vo washer is quite complicated since it is electronic.  And no one out here in Podunk, Texas wanted to deal with it.   Hopefully, Stan will be replacing the part by tomorrow so I can get my washing done.  We are going to have a laundrypalooza party at the Myers Ranch.

6.  I have had 2 protein shakes today but I really want a cookie.  I. Must. Resist.  Stupid sugar.

7.  I went to the gym this morning and did 45 minutes on the cross-trainer while it was cranked to level 15 (it goes to level 20).  I am proud to say, I have been to the gym or worked out every day this week.  You would think this would make me not want to mess up my good habits by eating a sugar-laced substance.  Sadly, it does not.  It just makes me think I worked hard so now I should get a cookie prize.  Must. Resist.

8.  Lily has a 4th grade parent meeting tonight.  I really didn't want to go but she is insisting.  Since I basically live up at the school anyway, I am quite certain there is not much that they are going to inform me about.  But, I will be a good little mommy and go and all the time they are talking I will be dreaming of cookies. :)

9.  I think my puppy smokes crack.  It is running around the kitchen island acting like a total spaz while chewing on a headless Barbie.  Crack or it is mentally unstable.  It could go either way.

10.  Hannah and Kevin will be gone to the football game tonight.  That means that dinner will be something very easy.  I am thinking frozen dinners ala microwave.  Kevin is doing the TV and radio broadcast for our high school football team and Hannah is going to help him "spot" the plays.  She is pretty excited that she gets to sit up in the sound booth in the AC instead of in the bleachers sweating like a pig.  Hopefully she will get a full time spotter gig out of this.  Exciting stuff.

Well, that is all...have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comparisons Will Be The Death Of Your Journey

The other day I had someone say to me:

I am so frustrated.  I am banded too and I haven't lost like you have.  My band just doesn't work like yours.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor the poor woman got an earful.  Because why is she comparing her journey to mine?   They are completely different.

This was my reply:

Why are you comparing yourself to me?  You aren't me.  Period.  You have to quit comparing yourself with people.  Who cares how much fill someone else has.  Who cares how much others have lost compared to you.  Focus on you.  Then you will be successful.

And after a few minutes of contemplating what I said, I could still see the confusion on her face.  I honestly do not think she got what I was saying.

Here it is spelled out for everyone:

No ones weight loss journeys are the same.  They can't be.  Because no one is identical.  No ones fill levels will be the same either.  5 cc's to one person may be a lot and to another it may be too little.  Forget about what others have.  Worry only about how your band feels and use it as a tool to get you the results you desire.  Forget about everyone else, just focus on yourself.

It is okay to use other people as inspiration to get you to your goal.  What it is not okay to do is compare yourself and your journey to anyone else's.  That will be the death of your weight loss journey because you will never measure up to what you feel is successful.

Forget about everything you have done in the past.  The failures do not matter.  What matters is the here and now. 

Do not let comparisons even enter your thinking. 

Do not let self doubt consume you.

You got this.  You can do it.  You will be successful. (Repeat at least 100 times a day).

Monday, September 3, 2012

Motivational Monday.......Change Is Not An Option

I know I have mentioned this before but, the hubs and I are both banded.  We were banded within a month of each other.  Me first then him. 

We have been on this little banded journey together since the beginning.  At times it is nice to have someone who "gets it" living with in the same house.  Other times?  Not so much.

Our banded journeys have been very different.  I blog about mine and leave his journey out.  Mainly, because it is his journey not mine.  But, also because we do not have the same theory or use our bands in the same way.

I use my band for appetite control.  As long as I am not starving, I can usually walk away or at least have control over my cravings.  Him?  Not so much.  He uses his to restrict what he eats and depends on the band from stopping him eating what in his opinion are "bad" foods.

Is either one of us wrong in how we use our band?

No.  I don't believe so.  I think I was at a different place in my journey than him.  That I was completely ready to change my mind and habits.  He will always struggle with the "head hunger". 

I also do not think that if I had been banded years ago I would have been as successful as I was now.  I just wasn't ready emotionally to deal with all the head games that come from weight loss.

Anyway, last night I asked him why he thinks he still struggles with all the head hunger. His answer:  You just have more willpower than I do.

I disagree.

I think that we were just at different places emotionally when we got banded.  I was ready to change and to completely re-work all my bad habits. Him?  Not so much.  It will probably take him a little longer to break his ingrained habits.

This is what is comes down to:  the willingness to change.

The willingness to lose the old habits and replace them with new ones.

Change is not an option.  Change is a necessity.