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Thursday, July 5, 2012


Ten Things Thursday is brought to us by the witty Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.  If you haven't been to her blog then RUN not walk on over there and find out why I find her so amusing.

1.  I saw a 159.9 on the scale the other day.  I also saw 175, 170, 165 and 161.5.  Salt is not my friend.  How can someone go from 161.5 to 175 in a day?  Salt. 

2.  We are going to pick up the rug-rats today.  I wonder if they will be happy to be home.  While they were gone I redecorated my 7 yr. olds bedroom (actually, she has never had to own room but now she does).  I can't wait to see her little face light up.
3.  In my attempt at eating whole foods and less processed packaged junk, I consumed some fresh fruit on Tuesday.  A fresh plum to be exact.  Which got stuck.  Not the easy to get out stuck either.  The elephant on my chest, up all night, stick my finger down my throat to try to relieve the pressure stuck.  NOT GOOD FOLKS.  After about 24 hours I at least feel a little normal and consumed an egg instead of liquids.  See what happens when I try to be good?  STUCK.  On a plum.  At least, it could have been something like chocolate cake.  Fickle, fickle band.

4.  I need a boobie job.  It is seriously bugging me that I have to LIFT the sisters up and set them in the bra cups.  They look like two socks stuffed with tennis balls.
Yep, thats my tatas.  Nuff said.

5.  It's like 150 degrees here.  Not really but it feels that way.

6.  Have you ever had someone say something like this to you:

I have.  Well, they said:  I didn't know you were this nice.  Which is a fancy way to say:  I really thought you were a big bitch.  How shocking that you aren't. 

7.  I am behind on my laundry duties.  Probably due to the fact that I am allergic to housework.  It actually is my least favorite thing to do.

Or maybe I just come from a long line of slobby pigs.  It could be either one.

8.  I scheduled to have family photos August 6th.  We haven't had family pictures taken in like 8 years.  Probably because I didn't want to look at myself in the pictures.  Maybe this will light a fire under me to lose these last 5 lbs. or so that are hanging on.

9.  My dogs make good little foot warmers.  They are lying on top of my feet as I write.  Snoring.  It must be nice to be a dog in my house.  They do ABSOLUTELY nothing.  No watch dogs here.  No chasing anything other that the kibble in their bowls that sometimes escapes.  They have the life. 

10.  That is all folks.....it feels like a nine things kind of day.


  1. Family pics...the last one we all took I was my heaviest and I hate and hide the pic...can't wait to take a normal one!

  2. We haven't taken a family pic in a long long time. I stopped taking one of the while family and now just do the kids. Hopefully next year I start to pear out of my hiding place.

  3. You and me both on the saggy tatas...when I lay down they fall to the side and I look like a 10 year old boy...LOL

    Good for you about taking a family picture! The last one we took was about 6 years ago and while I was not at my heaviest I was still around 275 or so...I saw that picture a couple of weeks ago at my parent's house and my first thought was that we really need to take a new one!

    Glad your rugrats are coming home...I know you enjoyed the quiet house but I also know you missed them like crazy!!

  4. I need boob lifters, too. These things are losing more weight than anywhere else on my body - this is ridic.

    I saw 159.8 on the scale this morning, too! We're twins! (Well, except for the 0.1 lbs difference. =P)

  5. I need a boob job two - What if all bummed rushed a dr's office and demanded a group rate?
    So with you on the house work - I have fur balls the size of dogs - might even name them
    Woo hoo on seing the low #s - just toss out the high #s

  6. I can always tell when I was in a "thin period"....I have photos!..I never want to take photos when im binging and gaining :(

  7. You know, I was thinking the same thing about my itty bitty acorns. They're just going more and more south, and there isn't even much there to GO south! Ugh.

    We got some cooler weather this week, it's.so.nice! But I painted the damn house last weekend when it was blazing. not fun.

    eh, people think i'm bitchy sometimes too because I never open my mouth. And when I do it's usually a smart ass comment that squeaks out and makes me look like an ass. What can you do.