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Monday, June 27, 2011

My goal is MINE...not yours.

This past weekend at a birthday party an acquaintance and I were discussing my weight loss.  I was completely honest about my band and my goal. 

After telling her I had already lost 70 lbs., I preceded to tell her that I would like to loose around 100 more.  I want to be in the "normal"  weight BMI.  Not the overweight, not the obese, just normal.  Her reply shocked me.

She said that was too much.  I would be skin and bones.  You will look ugly, were her exact words.  Really?  Honestly, I weight 248 right now...so 100 more lbs. puts me at 148.  I hardly think I will be skin and bones.

But, the whole conversation had me thinking.  Was she saying this because she really cared or because she was trying to be nice?  Or, was it that she herself was telling me she wanted to loose another 20 lbs.

My goal is just that....MY goal.  Not yours, not hers, not his....just mine.  I have to live with my body every day.  I want to be able to walk into the doctors office and not be lumped into the overweight category.

It will be nice to be able to worry about other things..... NOT my weight.

So, I have decided that when  someone tells me that they have X amount of weight to loose, I will not make any comments.  I will just nod and say......You CAN do it.  Because......

For once in my life I feel I can conquer my weight.....for myself.  My goal is my own. Lap-band is the first selfish thing I have done for myself in a long time...............and it feels good!

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  1. Wow...don't you hate that when people make comments like that - I hope you don't still get those. I remember saying I needed to lose X amount of weight and then to my surprise I got the "ewww you'll look all skin and bones" as well....I replied "uhhh well that's how much I used to weigh so I'm aiming to get back to what I was....and hunny, I wasn't skin and bones then. EFF YOU! gosh I am loving your blog right now - sorry for blowing up your email notifications if you get them! :)