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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second Fill

Yesterday, I went for my second fill.  Upon getting on that lovely paper coated table I asked the nurse for a numbing shot.  If you have read my previous posts you know that the last fill was EXTREMELY uncomfortable....and that is an understatement.

The nurse asked me if I was sure and said the shot would burn a bit.  I reminded her that the last time they had trouble finding the port and had to dig the needle into my abdomen thus creating a huge bruise that lasted a week.  I told her either numb it or find me a pill for anxiety...her choice.  She then numbed my tummy.

The fill was uneventful, I didn't feel it!  I will definitely get numbed every time.  My surgeon only put in .5CC's.  I now have 4.7CC's in a 10CC band. 

Honestly, I can not tell the difference.  I had no trouble with anything yesterday but was on only liquids.  I guess today will be the real test.

But, I had lost an additional 10 lbs. since my last doctor visit 4 weeks ago.  Not to shabby!  And that was cutting portions but still allowing myself to eat some "non-diet" foods. 

Hopefully in 4 more weeks I will be down another 10 lbs.  I am loving this band!

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