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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday brought to us by the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier. 

1.  Do any other bandsters feel like they can predict the weather?  Last night about 5 p.m. a front moved in and all of a sudden it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest.  Even water was going down slowly.  I have become a human barometer!

2.  Tuesday I learned the difference between PBing and actual vomiting.  I don't PB that often but when I do I am a pro at it.  Tuesday morning I actually threw up.  Repeatedly.  It is a strange feeling when things try to come back up.  Let me just say, the band was designed with the opposite purpose.  When and if you ever throw up you will know what I mean.  Things just don't want to go back up through the band.  Vomiting was a major event.  When I first was banded, I was paranoid about getting sick  to my stomach.  I was just sure it was going to damage my band.  I survived.  Barely.  But I did.  Chalk that up to another banded milestone.

3.  It is strange to think back to this time last year.  I was 300+ pounds.  I was beginning my pre-op diet.  I did not have a clue how much my life would change.  Wow.  Just. Wow. 

4.  Lily has her last basketball tournament this weekend.  She plays Thursday,  Friday and all day Saturday.  Let the basketball-palooza begin.  Last year at ball games, I sat on the bottom bleacher.  NOT BY CHOICE....BUT, BECAUSE I WAS TOO FAT TO WALK UP THE STAIRS.  Huge NSV that I can sit anywhere.  HUGE NSV.  I feel like a normal parent.  I don't look around to see if I am the biggest person in the stands.  My kids do not have to be embarrassed to have the fat mom (and I do not have to be embarrassed to be the fat mom).  I don't shy away from events because of my weight.  I get to participate in all my kids activities.  Because I can.  Because I am in good health.

5.  Friday I have an appointment with my surgeon.  This will be my last appointment before my 1 yr. bandiversary. 

6.  I think I am going to start 30 Day Shred on Sunday.  I want to tone up before my 40th birthday in June.  I am not quite as concerned with the number on the scale as I am about toning some flabby areas up.  It is a nice feeling to not be filled with dread about the number you weigh.  It is kind of freeing.  I can focus on other things now that this aspect of my life has more control.

7.  My dog snores like a little piglet.  I am trying to type and she is distracting me.  Sweet little Pug.  She looks like a little pot bellied pig.  I could just eat her up she is so cute!  When she is sleeping or really relaxed her curly tail unwinds.  Then when you disturb her it curls back up.  This has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss.  Absolutely nothing.  But she is just too darn cute and it is hard to concentrate when she is curled up on my feet. 

8.  Number 7 just proves that I have ADD.   I can not focus for long.  SQUIRREL!!!

9.  I bought my first size 10 jeans last weekend.  Not all 10's fit.  But 12's are starting to be baggy.  Kinda strange wearing a 10.  Very surreal.  I can't remember the last time I could fit into a 10.  It has been many, many, many moons ago.

10.  My husband can not keep his hands off me.  The band should come with a warning label:  Caution, weight loss can lead to frisky husbands.  Proceed with caution. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Look at you getting all 10 Things in WAYYYY to early! lol.

    I freaking snorted at #8, the SQUIRREL, comment!! Hilarious!

    I've done the Shred, i really liked it! i've been thinking of going back to it too!

  2. Yes to #1 -- my Hubs and I call it "change in the bariatric pressure".

    Totally agree with #10 -- I have the same problem too. Good problem to have!

  3. Size 10?!!! That is AWESOME!!

    ...and I totally agree with #10...he doesn't even care about the saggy skin ;)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Loved, loved #3. You made me feel happy thinking about all the changes.
    #7 makes me smile. I LOVE my fur babies
    #8 made me LOL- then I remembered that is me too.
    #10- Isn't it GREAT???????

  6. My baby snores so loud it wakes us up. I threatened to get her a puppy cpap machine :)

    Not surprised by #10...just look at ya...you're one sexy momma!

  7. Hell yeah on #10! I love that feeling when your man can't keep his hands off ya. :)

  8. The pug sounds adorable!! I'm so happy for you and all the wonderful things in your life. You totally deserve it!

  9. Hahaha on #10. I didn't do the band, but I've lost 21 lbs and my husband is getting on my nerves lately. But in a good way. It's so funny! LOL