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Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend was CrAzY!

Lily had a basketball tournament that went Thursday night, Friday night and half the day Saturday.  My kids were exhausted.  We got home Thursday night about 9:30 p.m. and they were very reluctant to leave their beds Friday morning.

You know I HAD to take pictures (and not just of the kids anymore!).

The girls and me at the game Friday night.

Lily at the big tournament.

I was really good with my exercising and food choices...................except...................

Friday night I had a mini size Blizzard from DQ.  I still log all my calories on MFP and when I logged it, it was 426 calories.  For a mini size.  I almost threw up in my mouth.  It is most definitely a once or twice a year treat.  I don't eat ice cream often so I did not beat myself up.  I am a firm believer in moderation.  Even with the mini Blizzard I stayed within my calorie range.

Saturday I did not get a chance to exercise.  We were crazy busy traveling to and from the tournament.  I packed snacks so I was at least able to make good food choices.

Kevin's brother came in town Saturday and so I really have not seen much of the hubs for the last two days.  They had golf-a-palooza.  

Sunday was my mom's birthday.  I did however walk....lots.  It was a beautiful day and I am sunburned today and it is only March!  Gotta love Texas...........you never know what the weather will be.
My mom and me at the big tournament this weekend.

It was a great weekend,  just busy.  I am almost glad it is quiet around here today with the kids at school.  It will give me a chance to catch up a bit.

Anyway, I never post just an update but I am amazed that this weekend food and weight really were not on my mind.  I ate when I was hungry.  I didn't make horrible choices (with the exception of the mini Blizzard).  I walked.  And I was rewarded......................

The scale this morning was down 2.6 lbs. for the week. 

I will leave you with one last picture of me and my girlies.
Hannah, Georgia and me.

Life is good. 

Happy Monday!


  1. You're doing great, girl!! It's great to be in a place where you are just living your life like a healthy person...it's ok to have a mini blizzard as a special treat and to fit it into your calories for the day is just a bonus!!

    I love all of the pics of you and your family...you look fabulous!!

  2. Your mom looks thrilled in that pic of you two! ;)

    You look so slim! Proud of you logging that Blizzard and being done with it. Most people would have let that be the slippery slope into the "bad place."

    You're an inspiration.

  3. Oh you have such a beautiful family! Wow you're doing great! And you lost weight too even with all the stuff going on. That is awesome!!