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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday....................brought to us by the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

Drum Roll Please........................

  1. I went to kick boxing last night.  That is all I am going to say because I plan to write a whole post dedicated to it.  It was funny.............very funny!
  2. Why is my dog staring at me while I am on the computer?  She is jealous because I am showing the computer more love than her.  Jealous.  She is a super jealous little thing.  But I love her anyway.
  3. I had Chinese for dinner. My absolute favorite.  But, the restaurant must have laced it with an insane amount of MSG.  Now my feet are tingly.  I am so salt sensitive.  I would bet money the scale will be evil in the morning.  Stupid salt.  Stupid scale.
  4. My youngest daughter puts her little arms around my waist now and squeals, "Wow!  I can hug all the way around you."  That just makes me smile.
  5. I tricked my mom.  2 of my kids spent the night with her.  Actually, it was her idea.  SUCKER!!!  She will be cursing me about 10:00 tonight when they won't be quiet.  As I sped out of her driveway I yelled, "No takesy backseys!" 
  6. I also suckered my mom because my middle child wanted a be-dazzeler.  So we went to the Wally World and bought it and extra blingy beads and canvas bags.  The deal was she couldn't open it until she got to my mom's house.  Have fun Nana!
  7. I am so sad (and a lot happy) because my favorite Under Amour capris are falling off.  Literally.  I was distracted on the dreadmill because I had to pull them up every few minutes.  The guy next to me was hoping he would get a show.  Sorry dude, you averted seeing the elephant skin tummy.
  8. Tomorrow I am going thrifting with my mom.  Hopefully she won't be too mad at me since I stuck her with the kids.
  9. Last night, my kids were in my bedroom watching River Monsters and Searching For Bigfoot.  Quality entertainment right there folks.  Very quality.
  10. I bought a medium size shirt today.  I thought there was no way it was going to fit.  But it did.  I think the last medium shirt I bought was in college.  That was a million years ago. 
That is all!  Hope you had a fantastic Thursday!


  1. Yeah!! So awesome about the shirt! Hilarious about the kids. I could visualize you speeding away lol

  2. Oooh, evil momma! :) Better watch out, your mom may start bedazzling your medium t-shirts!!

  3. you make me laugh about your kids and grandma's! Hilarious!

    I want chinese. Bad.

  4. Such an awesome thing about the shirt! I love thrifting too. I'm new to it but it feels like I'm such a bargain shopper when I'm there.

  5. I applaud you tricking your mama into watching the girls. You're my inspiration. :)