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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Grocery Store Sample Lady

Dear Grocery Store Sample Lady,

Why?  Why did you have to stand by the entrance with your delightful sample of strawberry cream cheese torte cake? 

Why did you have to point out that they are on special today?

I know you are just doing your job.  I realize you don't know that my weakness is anything in a bakery.  That right now my TOM has completely got me craving anything sweet.

But you are a devil woman.  A food pusher.  Peddler of crack-like goodies.

I know I am smarter than the sugar laced substances you are pushing, but for some reason I just couldn't resist. 

So, I ate a serving (or two) of the cream filled goody that somehow made its way into my cart.

But, just to prove I could control myself I did my penance on the cross-fit machine at the gym for 30 minutes. 

Next time I go to the grocery store, I am going in through the exit.

You won't get me next time.

Brenda Myers
Self Diagnosed Sugar Addict


  1. Dontcha hate that? Here in NOLA they hand out samples of wine and liquor from time to time (we can buy liquor in the grocery store)...it seems like there are 20 sample ladies on those days and if you took advantage of them you could be quite tipsy by the time you leave the store...perhaps it's a conspiracy to get us to buy more...

  2. Hilarious!! The worst are those food pushers at Sam's club...they get me everytime.

  3. From one sugar addict to another...DARN THAT SAMPLE LADY!!! Great post!!! You make me so smile!!!

  4. LOL!! Too funnny! Now that you mention it, they rarely give samples of say... Tofu scramble or something, huh? LOL

    And btw....can I also add I am STUNNED at ^^^^ Vicky's comment about free liquor samples?? Where is that and can we move there?!? ;-D

  5. Hell no, she won't. She's a tricky one!

  6. Haha. Way to work off your treat.