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Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivational Monday

I used to be so all or nothing.  Meaning...if I couldn't do something absolutely perfect then I didn't even try.

How sad is that? 

I wonder what wonderful things I missed out on because of my philosophy and how many times I threw in the towel before I even got started.

I came across this on FB this morning and it sums up how I now feel:

Sometimes, we just aren't going to be the best at something.

 That is a fact. 

All we can hope for is that we will continually improve.

Don't aim for perfection.  You will set yourself up for failure.  Just aim to do better than you did the last time.

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Amen sister! I'm the same way. I'm trying to learn the mantra above. :)

  2. I was too! Really working on it and expanding my horizons.

  3. Thanks for this - I used to be all or nothing too - Actually I still am, with housework...

  4. This is a good one! So often I never set goals to do something because i fear I might not do it perfect, ya know? Stupid. I'm going to try just doing it!!

  5. I have to tell myself this a lot because I am the same way...if I can't do it perfect sometimes I don't try as hard...bad bad attitude I know!

  6. Yes! Biggest lesson of my 30's was to realize life was not so black and white. It terrified me to lose the security of absolute right and wrong answers...but boy was it freeing to live in more grace for myself, and for everyone else.