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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TX3=Ten Things Thursday

This may be a quick edition since my full-time-non-paying job (PTO) has gone into full swing in anticipation of school starting Monday.

1.  I am ready and not ready for school to start.  We have done all the prepping and I am ready to take a break from the sibling bickering but I just can't believe summer is over.  It went by way to quick this year.

2.  I am however ready to get back to my routine.  As in..... drop the kids at the curb at school and head to the gym for some sweating time.  Also, I am ready to purge the cabinets of all the junk.  It seems that the junk food has multiplied in my cabinet (maybe it breeds in warm weather).  When the kids are home I am more apt to make bad food choices...that will definitely come to a halt on Monday.

3.  Tonight is meet the teacher night at the school where I am PTO prez.  So..............I get to go up to the school in about an hour and bake around 300 cookies.   Yeah.  Nice, huh?  That is like sending a druggie into a crack house.  Cookies are my kryptonite.  There may be no way I can stop myself from inhaling at least 2.  I just am lacking the self control it would take to resist.  I will however will be doing some gym time to work off the said cookies.  At least I have a plan.

4.  Yesterday, I spent the morning with Hannah at the middle school getting her schedule and meeting the teachers.  I really do not like the idea of having a middle schooler.  When did I get this old?  In my mind I am still 28 yrs. old and weigh 125 lbs. Hey, I can dream.

5.  We have not been to the pool in over a week.  It has been rainy and colder than any other summer I can remember.  Since my family is a bunch of wusses no one will swim when it is only 80.  It has to be like a gazillion degrees and bath water before we will put a toe in the water.  These girls are true Texans.

6.  It is 8:30 p.m.  I JUST got home.  We left the house at 8:30 a.m. and headed for the school.  And they say PTO isn't a full time gig.......WHATEVA!!!!

7.  And here is me and Georgie after meet the teacher night.........................

And me and Georgie last year at meet the teacher night.  And the really bad picture of me is when Georgia was in Kindergarten at meet the teacher night, 3 years ago. 

Lily just told me while I was uploading these photos that it made her really sad that I had gotten that big.  But now, she says she is happy because I am healthy.  That is all the encouragement I ever need.

8. And totally off any other topic on this list because after all I have to prove I have ADD.  This is what sits under my stool and waits for food to drop at a meal:

Seriously folks, how the hells bells am I supposed to NOT throw table scraps down to that face.  She smiles.......she may be the cutest puppy ever created.

9.  That is all I got for today because I am exhausted!!!!

Happy Ten Nine Things Thursday.


  1. You look like a completely different person in those pictures. Three years older, you look so much younger and healthier. Wow.

  2. Oh...and p.s. I don't think any of them are "bad" pictures. You clearly always had cute hair, cute outfits, cute accessories, cute smile - I just want to say that, because I'm someone who is notoriously bad about using the weight I have gained as an excuse to not take enough care of my cute factor! You always did!! If I met all three of those women, I'd think they were confident, attractive, sweet women I'd like to get to know. I just think the three photos look like very different women!

  3. Stealing that puppy!!! And yeah ..cookies are my crack too!

  4. Great before and after comparison. Awesome! And that puppy is adorable!!! :) My Sophie smiles too. Hahaha.

  5. I was thinking about volunteering for the PTO, but I think you may have just convinced me not to! lol

  6. What a difference in you! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


  7. you look completely different..and younger...that dog is too damn cute!

  8. I can't believe how different you look. It is unbelievable. Also you have now aged backwards!!!! I have a middle schooler this year too. Scary!