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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thursday can only mean one thing.....................

Well, ten things actually................

Ten Things Thursday, brought to us by the the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

1.  Meme (Kevin's mom) bought all the girls Ipod touches.  They arrived on Tuesday.  Let me just say...............they rock!  I am not proud to admit this, as the dinner table is usually a tech free zone but, Tuesday night was the first time in many years I have had the opportunity to eat my dinner in peace and quiet.  They all brought them to the dinner table to play the Smurfs game.  No arguing, no fighting, just creating magical blue villages.  I am sure this phenomenon will not last long but  until the newness wears off, I will enjoy the silence.

2.  Did you know there is a tooting app?  Yep.  A loud farting app.  Just what every 8 yr. old needs on her Ipod right?  Georgia thinks it is the funniest thing ever.  Kevin.......not so much.  He is questioning my parenting skills.  I guess he didn't find it too funny when she made a tooting noise and blamed it on him.  I however, almost fell on the floor laughing.

3.  Monday night we were scheduled to have family pictures.  Outside.  Guess what it did?  It rained.  Loud booming thunderstorm rain.  It NEVER rains here in the summer and it picked the day I have family pictures scheduled?!  I had spent 3 hours curling hair and expertly applying my makeup.  We had to reschedule.  I made the girls snap of picture of me in my size 8 jeans.  Because I wanted proof that I could get into them.  Inspiration for when I need to avoid the sample lady at the grocery store.
I very carefully took the jeans off and hung them back in my closet.  Because, if I wash them I am afraid they will shrink and I will have to sausage myself back into them.

4.  Number 3 is proof that boot camp works.  I had been very frustrated because the scale actually had gone up 4 lbs. since starting boot camp.  When I look at the picture though, it is apparent that I have toned.  So who really cares about the 4 lbs.  I need to focus on TONING and if that means I gain a few pounds but drop a size and look leaner than so be it.  The scale has been such a huge part of this process over the last year and a half that it has been hard to refocus and remember that it is not the most important part of my journey now.

5.  Does anyone else have adult ADD?  My mind goes like a million miles an hour at night.  Sometimes it is almost impossible to relax and fall asleep.

6.  Yesterday while I was putting up my clothes in my dresser a large   gargantuan spider came out from under the dresser.  I am talking like the size of my palm.  I let out a blood curdling scream.  The girls came running.  I am sure they thought I had been stabbed by the boogie man.  I HATE spiders.  I almost passed out squashing it with a shoe when it made a crunching sound.  I am having an anxiety attack just remembering it. I will be calling the bug man today.  This sums up how I feel about spiders............

7.  I am thinking today is pool kinda day. 

8.  Yesterday, the whole day I went sugar free.  Which must be some kinda record for me.  I focused on eating protein and avoiding anything laced with sugar.  And by the end of the day...............I had a raging headache and wanted to lock myself in my room to avoid all human contact.  AAWWWWW...sugar.....why do you have to be soooo good?  I am doing my best to avoid it today too. 

9.  What made me think that after losing weight I would keep any food particles from landing on my shirt?  I thought that not having my stomach or chest area stick out would mean I could eat a meal without finding some of it landing on me.  I guess I am just a sloppy eater because EVERY meal results in at least some of the food falling onto the front of me.  I am a food magnet. Or a slob.  Take your pick. 

10.  I gots nussin' for number 10....nussin'.

Have a great Thursday..............I will try to lead a sugar free lifestyle today...but I am making no promises.


  1. AHH! There was no spider warning. :(((

    Also, I like those jeans! I wish there was a size 8 store we could both go to and shop. 8 is a magical size.

  2. WOW, look at you!!??! You look awesome...Boot camp is working! :)

    I scream like i'm being murdered when I see a spider...then crying starts..both of my daughters start crying cause mommy screamed. My house turns into a hot mess.

  3. Boot Camp is working for you. Rawr. And I am a food magnet too. I was hoping with less belly and boob over time that would remedy itself. Guess not. Haha.

  4. WOOT! You look fabulous! Way to go on the boot camp!

    And we're just NOT going to talk about that other picture. Nope. No way. < shudder >

  5. You look amazing, my sista...I told you that boot camp was working...ignore what the stupid scale says...it lies!!

    You still crack me up with the farting app...I haven't told my kids about it because the idea of that app in the hands of a 15 year old boy is just TROUBLE!!

    I used to be a food magnet too (seriously, every shirt I owned had stains on the boobs) but miraculously I'm not anymore...it probably has something to do with the fact that I actually take my time eating as opposed to stuffing my face as fast as I can like I used to.

  6. wow looking skinny in those jeans...yes my son thinks the farting app is SO COOL.ughh

  7. You have to get the Talking Carl app. He repeats what you say in a high voice. It's funny.

  8. You look awesome! #7 Hells Yeah ~ I made it a beach day - I can answer emails from the beach - that changes the game big time! #8 ~ Sugar is a horrible horrible drug - I'm still working on inventing the patch for it!

  9. You are smokin' hot!!!!!

    I did know about the farting app...I am the only girl in the house. Everyone around here (except me) loves the farting app.

  10. You look terrific!

    Adult ADD...oh so bad. Try to read my blog. Nuff said.