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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Well, did you think I had fallen off the end of the Earth?  I think that would have been much easier than the chaos of trying to get 3 kids organized and on a new school schedule.  My life for the past 3 days has been nothing but back and forth to school and activities because different schools start and end at different times.  I may paint my car yellow with black and white checkerboard and start charging fares.

2.  I have however been hitting the gym.  Hard.  I have been every day this week (GASP!) since there are no little people hanging on me and following me around.  

3.  Speaking of the gym.  I was enjoying my much needed workout this morning while watching the Today Show when it was rudely interrupted by quite possibly the worst noise I have ever heard.  I thought my eardrums may burst.  Heck, that may have been an improvement compared to the noise I was hearing.   The Today Show had a UK music "sensation" on this morning.  And the term "sensation", I am using lightly.  Cher* Llyod*....please keep your music across the pond and out of ear shot of my 11 yr. old daughter.  Obviously, since they announced her song went platinum pre-teens are downloading the hideous song on I*tunes.   I may be getting old and crotchety but I found NO redeeming qualities about her or her song.  Way to ruin my workout Cher*.

4.  Tomorrow I get to go thrifting with a friend.  I can hardly contain my excitement.  A whole day to myself with a friend doing what I love to do.  It will be much needed girl time.

5.  Boot camp starts back up September 10th.  I am more than ready.  Even if it means I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 4:30 a.m.  I NEVER thought I would say that....I actually enjoy it.  Whoda thunk?!

6.  Hannah (my 6th grader) got chosen to play the oboe in the school band.  I guess it is a really big honor too.  She is so excited.  I thought my husband was going to jump up and down like the village idiot when they told him if she kept it up she would most likely get a college scholarship.  I could see the wheels  turning in this brain calculating all the money he will save.

7.  I am contemplating logging food again to keep up with my protein intake.  I am pretty sure I am not getting enough.   It just seems like so much effort.  I used to log every day religiously.  My laziness has taken over.  Is it still important to keep up your protein when you are in maintenance?

8.  I am thinking 7 things may be all I can do today.  I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet and my wonderful cup of coffee.

Have a great Thursday!!!


  1. love you hitting the gym everyday---you rockstar!

  2. what exactly is thrifting? I go to the Go*dwill but this sounds so much better...and mysterious.

  3. Yay for gym!!! I do not know how moms handle more that one kid with school and activities!! I feeling like I am all over the place with one!! You have a great Thursday as well!!

  4. we miss you on MFP :) nudge nudge...

  5. My friend Elisa played oboe, and she got quite a few scholarships! Tell her to keep it up, if she likes it, of course! :)