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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday are brought to us courtesy of the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs & Getting Healthier.

1.  I gots to get off The Juice.  Off The Sauce.  Off the wonderful, sweet, heaven sent sugar.  UHG!!  Why sugar?  Why do you torment me so?  You are the devil I tell you...the devil.

2.  I haven't had any sugar in 15 hours.  Yep.  And my head is pounding.  I really, really want a handful of chocolate chips (that are hanging out and taunting me in my fridge) but I am not gonna do it.  Nope.  Because I will prove to myself I am stronger than sugar-crack.  I am giving those little heavenly chocolate nuggets the mental bird. 

3.  And speaking of birds................This is what was following me down to the mailbox this morning.

I am like the Pied Piper of chickens.  You can call me the chicken whisperer.

4.  Have anyone else's kids gone Duct Tape crazy.  Hannah has been making these Duct Tape flower pens.  She now has about 20 things of Duct Tape (and guess who bought it).  The duct tape now comes in all patterns and colors.  How crazy is that?  I remember when it was just silver....that was back in the day when I had to walk 5 miles uphill in the snow to the one room school house (just kidding!).  But my kids did ask me one time if I lived during the Little House On The Prairie time.

5.  Our washing machine has been broken now for quite awhile.  Stan the repairman had to order a special part.  Apparently, the M*ytag Br*vo washer is quite complicated since it is electronic.  And no one out here in Podunk, Texas wanted to deal with it.   Hopefully, Stan will be replacing the part by tomorrow so I can get my washing done.  We are going to have a laundrypalooza party at the Myers Ranch.

6.  I have had 2 protein shakes today but I really want a cookie.  I. Must. Resist.  Stupid sugar.

7.  I went to the gym this morning and did 45 minutes on the cross-trainer while it was cranked to level 15 (it goes to level 20).  I am proud to say, I have been to the gym or worked out every day this week.  You would think this would make me not want to mess up my good habits by eating a sugar-laced substance.  Sadly, it does not.  It just makes me think I worked hard so now I should get a cookie prize.  Must. Resist.

8.  Lily has a 4th grade parent meeting tonight.  I really didn't want to go but she is insisting.  Since I basically live up at the school anyway, I am quite certain there is not much that they are going to inform me about.  But, I will be a good little mommy and go and all the time they are talking I will be dreaming of cookies. :)

9.  I think my puppy smokes crack.  It is running around the kitchen island acting like a total spaz while chewing on a headless Barbie.  Crack or it is mentally unstable.  It could go either way.

10.  Hannah and Kevin will be gone to the football game tonight.  That means that dinner will be something very easy.  I am thinking frozen dinners ala microwave.  Kevin is doing the TV and radio broadcast for our high school football team and Hannah is going to help him "spot" the plays.  She is pretty excited that she gets to sit up in the sound booth in the AC instead of in the bleachers sweating like a pig.  Hopefully she will get a full time spotter gig out of this.  Exciting stuff.

Well, that is all...have a great Thursday!


  1. The chicken whisperer......hahahaha! I bet people drive by and are like 'those chicks are hot!'. hahahaha. I'm crackin' myself up over here.


  2. holy cow! great job on the exercise this week....its so hard to control the head games that start with "you worked so hard...you deserve a little....." but I am pulling for you to resist because then tomorrow you will be so proud(or should be) never seen that duct tape before...how cool though I think that stuff is an awesome invention and hey that probably brought her hours of entertainement for cheap!

  3. Nice job on the exercise. Resist the sugar!!! It is eevvviiiill!

  4. Duct tape around here even comes in NFL and college team designs. Crazy!! And um - I hear you on sugar. Part of my TTT was bitching about it. Oy.

  5. Where did the chickens come from? Who has chickens follow them? Are they your pets? I guess it is like when my dog follows me.....except it is chickens.

    Ugh- the sugar crack. I wish you better then I am doing with it.

    Good job with the exercise.

  6. OY! I'm drinking a protein shake (and eating an apple) as we speak to stave off the sugar cravings. We're in this together!