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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Comparisons Will Be The Death Of Your Journey

The other day I had someone say to me:

I am so frustrated.  I am banded too and I haven't lost like you have.  My band just doesn't work like yours.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor the poor woman got an earful.  Because why is she comparing her journey to mine?   They are completely different.

This was my reply:

Why are you comparing yourself to me?  You aren't me.  Period.  You have to quit comparing yourself with people.  Who cares how much fill someone else has.  Who cares how much others have lost compared to you.  Focus on you.  Then you will be successful.

And after a few minutes of contemplating what I said, I could still see the confusion on her face.  I honestly do not think she got what I was saying.

Here it is spelled out for everyone:

No ones weight loss journeys are the same.  They can't be.  Because no one is identical.  No ones fill levels will be the same either.  5 cc's to one person may be a lot and to another it may be too little.  Forget about what others have.  Worry only about how your band feels and use it as a tool to get you the results you desire.  Forget about everyone else, just focus on yourself.

It is okay to use other people as inspiration to get you to your goal.  What it is not okay to do is compare yourself and your journey to anyone else's.  That will be the death of your weight loss journey because you will never measure up to what you feel is successful.

Forget about everything you have done in the past.  The failures do not matter.  What matters is the here and now. 

Do not let comparisons even enter your thinking. 

Do not let self doubt consume you.

You got this.  You can do it.  You will be successful. (Repeat at least 100 times a day).


  1. AMEN!!!!

    That is the first think I tell someone who asks me for advice. At any given time there will be people you can find who have lost faster than you have and people who haven't lost as fast. It doesn't matter how much the other person has in their band or how long it took them to get to restriction, etc...just walk your own path, be honest with yourself about what you are and aren't doing and don't be afraid to shake things up if things aren't working for you...that's my advice...

    **Getting off my soapbox now (and helping Brenda off hers too)***

    <3 you!!

  2. It's amazing how you guys (by that I mean my blogger buddies) always say the right thing at the right time. This has made my day. Thank you for continuing to inspire me. :)

  3. so true...but so hard for me to adhere to. Especially when I am having a no loss week and I read blogs from others...I want to be happy for them..but I will admit the jealousy comes out and I have to beat it off with a stick(hopefully not salami)

  4. LOVE!! thank you!! I might just have to print this out and have it on my motivation board-- it would be a good one to read everyone and awhile!! thank you!!

  5. No joke, artichoke! It is hard not to sometimes, but you are right, if you want to be successful, follow your own path!

  6. Great post!! I admit I struggle with this!! A LOT!

  7. Great post.

    "just walk your own path, be honest with yourself about what you are and aren't doing and don't be afraid to shake things up if things aren't working for you"


  8. *hums "Go Your Own Wayyyyy"* Dunno why, that just popped into my head.

    So sick of people comparing themselves to me. I have a few RL friends who have been banded, and they're all disappointed their not "as skinny as Rhonda yet." Blah!

  9. Thanks for the words of wisdom. As a new bandster I admit I get hella jealous of the weight loss success of others, but I know I just need to focus on my own journey and do my best.