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Monday, May 23, 2011

Damn You Sugar Free Cool Whip!

I have found something new that I love....sugar free Cool Whip!

If you put it on top of sugar free Jello or sugar free pudding...yummmmmmmmy!

If you put it on top of a chocolate protein shake...yummmmmmmmy!

It is just, well, yummy!

But, like all good things (or bad for you things!) those of us with compulsively bad eating habits should probably be leary.  I know the tub says 20 calories PER SERVING...but, do I eat one serving?  I am blogging this and shaking my head because I don't think I use just one serving.  So an extra 60 (and that is being conservative!) calories on top of my 60 calorie pudding is a 120 calorie snack. GRRRRRR..........

So, next time I go the grocery store my cart will not be making a turn for the freezer section.

Damn you Sugar Free Cool Whip for tasting so good!

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