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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

First thing every morning I check e-mail and FB (after all, a girl has to keep up on her social networking).  While on FB this morning,  I noticed an acquaintance (notice I DO NOT say friend!) posted this on her FB page status:

‎137 lb./62kg at 6 feet 1"/1,82m : according to the WHO I am a bad girl. ;-)
Bring on the haters... ;-) After all, you are what you eat.

Yes those are her "stats".  She is 6 feet 1 inch and weighs a whopping 137 lbs.  And obviously she thinks we all hate her because of her perfection.  Oh, and she believes you are what you eat.

Now, I am all for the motivational weight loss updates on FB.  But, I think this crossed the line and I will tell  you why.  I have known this woman for 5 years (our children have been in class together a number of times).  She is very condescending towards anyone she feels does not live up to her standards. 

I know (and so does anyone who has battled weight) that it is important to be watch the food I eat.  I track  everything that goes in my mouth.  Not to be obnoxious but because I need that accountability to myself. 
But, for those of us that have weight issues for someone (who has model like stats) to say, "you are what you eat" does not even begin to help. 

In fact, if you are like me it isn't about not knowing that a Twinkie is bad for me...I know it is!  It is about stuffing my feelings down with food.  Before I can begin to be in a healthy relationship with food I must work on why I choose to use food as a band-aid.

Until people quit being ignorant about weight and eating disorders, they will push those of us with problems to be secretive about what we are eating.  That is not healthy! 

I feel our society has really gone to the politically correct side lately (on most topics).  Unfortunately, we now are treating overweight people with such disdain that it will only cause more problems.  Just pick up a fashion magazine and read it.  You would be appalled about the article about "fatties". 

Anyway, back to my original idea.....making others feel bad by posting your stats on FB...not okay!  Not understanding that overweight people have feelings...not okay! 

Ignorance (on any topic) is NOT bliss! People....think before you post.

Oh, and by the way......................

I plugged in a 6'1" woman who weighs 137 in a BMI calculator and guess what?  It says she is underweight....just, sayin!


Dear 6'1" 137lb. blonde (you know who you are!),

In honor of all the vertically challenged, you have officially been deleted as my FB friend.  That's right...DELETED.  Until you learn that it is not tactful to be rude you will no longer be able to read, post or view any of my FB content! Ha! :)

Brenda (Bandster, soon to be HOT, Momma)


  1. Wow, what a bitch! You know the rules about posting on FB, if you put something totally unecessary (like this shit) to say than you have self-esteem issues. This tells us that she, like many others compares herself to other people. And weren't the WHO popular in like the 60s..it's 2011. In short, don't sweat it, You just wait until you put that bangin "after" pic of your progress on fb a couple of months from now. That'll show her.

  2. It's just stupid and shallow. A waste. And it reflects poorly on her. I'd rather be in my shoes any day!