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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Pant Dilhema

Well, a couple of days ago while walking to my bathroom my pants fell down.  Literally.  They fell into a puddle at my feet.  After my husband quit laughing like a hyena, he told me to buy some new pants.

Let me begin with saying what every larger size woman will tell you....I hate to shop for clothes.  I really hate to try things on in the dressing room.  Over the years, after diet failures there is nothing more humiliating then squeezing into pants.  Needless to say pant shopping brought beads of sweat to my forehead.

So, on Mother's Day my husband decided to take me to Kohl's to pick out pants.  After scouring the department for an hour I settled on 2 pair to try on.  I tried on a pair one size below where I am now.  They fit but where a little baggy.  I hung them back up knowing that in a few weeks they would no longer work. 

The next pair was 2 sizes down.  I got them zipped.  But they were still a little snug.  Like so many shopping trips in the past, I began to feel pretty BLAH about myself (then I reminded myself that I just lost 50 lbs.).  So, I hung the pants back up, held my head high and walked out of the store.

I have decided to rely on my all time favorite pant....the workout pant (i.e., elastic waist). After all, elastic is a girls best friend! (At least the best friend of a girl who is loosing weight!)

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  1. I know how you feel. I especially hate shopping for pants, so I strictly purchase from Forever 21 or Macys. Waiting for the day when I can wear Banana Republic or Seven for All Mankind. So.. instead of getting down on yourself, think about the fact that you tried on a pant size two sizes below what you wearing before and you got them on..they were snug ...but you fit them none the less. That's a major feat, congrats!!