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I am a 39 yr. old stay at home mom to 3 girls ages 10, 9 and 7. My goal is to be fit by 40! I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was banded on 4/5/2011. I tend to be a bit on the sarcastic and cynical side. I love to read, hate to excersise (but am learning to tolerate it!), love to shop and want to smack anyone who is a size 2 (not really!). I am learning to work with my band and my new self one day at a time!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No More Sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only reason I am allowing this picture on my blog  is because I want visual proof of my accomplishments.  I found this picture yesterday while browsing through documents on my computer.  Yes, that is me on the far right in the purple shirt.  The picture makes me want to cry.

You see at this point, I had given up.  I didn't care.  I ate to push down any pain that I felt.  I ate to fill boredom.  I ate simply because I could.

I don't even recognize the woman in the picture.  She no longer exists. 

I know I am far from my goal, but I have come a long way.  There is no way in hell I am going back down that road. 

So, if I need to look at this picture daily to remind myself to stay on my "bandwagon"....then so be it.  In fact, I think I may frame it and put it on my fridge as a visual reminder that fast food really is the devil.

1 comment:

  1. Wowza ! Have you ever changed ! I love your profile pic - it's so cute and cheery :) I give myself a little NSV every time I drive by fast food !