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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tales of my Hairless Scalp

So, I am in the shower.  I look down and this is what I see........................

(Seriously, isn't that disgusting!)

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  There is a giant hairball in my shower that resembles Cousin It.  Not funny. 

I have been noticing that when I run my fingers through my hair 5 or 6 strands come out.  That my brush needs a good cleaning every other day.  That my hair is super dry and not growing fast.  But, nothing could be more shocking than finding a giant wad of hair in the shower.

Those of us that have been heavy awhile know what our "good" features are.  They are the features people refer to when they want to side step the whole weight issue.  My good features are: my hair and my nose.

So, yes I am a bit vain about my hair.

Today, I am planning trip that will consist of going to the health food store to buy Biotin for my thinning hair.  Not that anyone would notice my hair loss.  Luckily, I have enough hair for 5 people.

Well, off to GNC.


  1. My shower looks like that every day, but it has my whole life :)

    Don't worry-- you won't be losing it forever. It happens with any major surgery, or with major weight loss, so we got the double whammy.

  2. I'm with you ... not with the hair loss but having enough hair for the masses ... :)