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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Large for A Seat............

I am always trolling the Internet.   Yesterday, I came across a story that really got me thinking. 

The gist of the story is this:  A woman went to a concert and could not fit in the seat provided.  After her friend complained to the theatre their seats were promptly upgraded.  The poster asked the question:  Would you be angry at the theatre for giving this woman really expensive seats because she could not fit into the seats she purchased? The seats were apparently several hundred dollars more per person.

(Here is the direct link to the original post. http://www.myfitnesspal.com/topics/show/274425-too-large-for-a-seat-did-the-venue-respond-correctly )

First, my heart goes out to the woman who is too big to fit in her seat.  EVERYONE who is extremely heavy has had this fear.  Whether it is a restaurant,  theatre or airplane we have all had this thought cross our minds.....am I too large to fit in the seat?

Just the thought of the other people staring would be enough to send me into a full blown anxiety attack.  I have to admit, she has has more courage than me to even venture out.  For years I have avoided places that I think I may not fit.  Flying.........no way!  Restaurant..............table please, no booth.   Theatre......forget it!

As my pounds drop, I hope I will gain courage to do things I once thought scary. 
I just hope I do not become one of those "tsk-tsk"ers that frown on people who are larger than them.  Maybe my weight loss will inspire others not intimidate them. 

In other words, I hope I keep my "fat girl" personality in my thin girl body.


  1. I agree-- I hope never to develop an "I'm better than you" mentality that I have so often run into myself over the years. I cringe when I see bandsters make comments about how much other people eat and how disgusting it is, even though I know the majority of them are really commenting on their own former behavior and not other diners. But it's a fine line and let's face it, we're shrinking with help :)

    I'm glad the woman got the upgrade. It was likely a humiliating enough experience to "pay" for that more expensive seat. I'm sure she'd rather have just fit in the one she paid for.

  2. I would rather have her be comfortable and just been done with that. I just don't like situations that are uncomfortable (i.e. any tv show that makes fun of someone, video shows, etc). The venue doesn't generally care about comfort, They just want butts in seats and the more seats the happier they are.