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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things Thursday............created by Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

  1. I had a busy and great weekend.  Waco Saturday.  I got to meet lots of wonderful ladies!  So much fun.  I can not wait to do it again!  Then, our high school played a playoff game at Baylor stadium.  Sunday, we had Hannah's birthday party at the park.  I set up Minute To Win It style games.  I think all the kids had a blast!  That is something I definitely would not have done before losing weight.  That would have been way to much activity.
  2. Tonight I have a PTO meeting and the 4th grade musical program.  I will be serving juice and cookies to the little singers.
  3. I have eaten tons of chocolate due to PMS.  I thought the scale would punish me but it hasn't.  I just have to make sure to keep in my calorie count for the day.  I am ready for this TOM to disappear.
  4. Tomorrow I have an appointment with my surgeon.  I am pretty sure I need a small tweak.  I am thinking maybe .25.  I am really hungry between meals.  I am satisfied for maybe an hour.  I hope he agrees because Thanksgiving may be brutal without a fill.
  5. This is a huge secret............we are leaving Sunday for Orlando.  The kids do not know it but we are going to Disney World.  It will be a huge surprise (they think we are going to visit family).
  6. I have tons of packing and cleaning to do before our trip.  Those are two of my least favorite things to do.........ever!
  7. It was ice cold this morning for my walk.  35 degrees.  But, I still did it!  That is huge for me because I really wanted to stay in my warm bed.
  8. I am going up to the school in an hour to have a Thanksgiving feast with my youngest daughter.  I think I may just take a coffee.  I don't want the cafeteria food that is laced with sodium.
  9. My sister and her husband are coming next week for Thanksgiving.  We are flying back Thanksgiving day and will stop at my parents to eat.  Then, my sis and I usually do some black Friday shopping at the crack of dawn.  Watch out Walmart!
  10. I haven't even started Christmas shopping.  I know I need to but I have to get through Thanksgiving first.  I am just not in the holiday spirit yet.
That is it!  Have a great Thursday!


  1. Your on a chocolate fix too this week I see, I have had a stupid chocolate chip cookie every night this week, stupid PMS totally! Uggg. The scale has actually been good to me too, Im shocked, maybe a cookie a day keeps the scale moving? HA HA
    I am so excited to hear how your girls react to Disney! You guys will have a blast, can't wait to hear about it.

  2. Sounds like you've got a busy couple of weeks! Have fun!

  3. Hope you have a wonderful trip at Disneyland!!! You should totally record your kids faces when you tell them!!!

  4. ohhhh how exciting!! surprise Disney trip sounds awesome!

  5. I'm not feeling Christmas yet, either. I can't wait for Thanksgiving to be OVER.

    Have fun at Disney!!

  6. That is so awesome about the trip to Disney World, one day I plan to do that for our kiddos. How exciting. I feel you on the chocolate fix, TOM visited this week, I only gave into 2 dark chocolate Reese's mini-buttercups. I was good! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving lady.

  7. It's Sunday (I'm behind in reading) so you're on your way ! Hope you have a fab time and take lots of pics :)

  8. Have a fun family time in Disney World!