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Friday, November 11, 2011

What Is Your Secret Passion?

As usual, I am a day late but Ronnie posted the question yesterday, "What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?"
I am addicted to thrift stores.  Like seriously addicted.
I think it is because I was a Fashion Merchandising major in college and worked retail for so long.  I REFUSE to pay full price for anything.  And I must say, I can find the BEST deals on the most amazing quality clothing.  I am not just saying that!  Case in point........
Yesterday, I found a 100% cashmere v-neck black sweater and black and white wool tweed Ann Taylor fully lined pants both for..........wait for it................$3.25 a piece at one of my favorite thrifts.
Last week, instead of going to Rack Room shoes, I hit another of my favorite thrifts and found BRAND NEW black leather waterproof boots with the tags still attached (the long kind with the side zip) for $10.00.
Another week, I found I gorgeous faux suede and shearling hooded winter coat that looked brand new for $4.50.  When I got home the tag was still in the coat pocket.........it was a $200 coat.
And I the list could go on, and on, and on......................
I used to have an E-bay store but due to my newly elected PTO position, that requires full time participation, I had to close it for now.  It is what kept me and my kids in a rotation of nice clothing.
So, I guess you could say, what started as a small thrifting habit has become a passion.
Now you know!!!
Oh, and for those of you that will see me tomorrow in Waco........head to to thrift clothes.  No lie.


  1. glad I'm not alone! clothing has always been difficult for me to find (plus sizes hard to find), but soon I hope to be able to go to 1x section and find anything. maybe after the new year? hmmmm. I get lots of neat stuff for my classroom as well.

  2. Okay confession...I have never been to a thrift store! I think I'm going to have to go with you sometime! :)

  3. I just like it when anyone gets a great deal awesome!

  4. New follower! I look forward to catching up on your blog!!

  5. Funny ... your passion (hobby?) saves you money and mine costs me ! :) Have a great weekend !

  6. i dont have the patience for thrift stores, i've tried. i wish i did though bc i know so many friends that find amazing deals just like you do!! i truly think it's a talent - just like the extreme couponers! lol

  7. I love it! We totally have to go sometime.

    It was SO great meeting you yesterday! :)

  8. I love thrift stores. Love them. I don't have the best down here, but where my parents live in Colo. there are some amazing ones!

  9. You sound like my kind of girl!

    I love a good sale. Just recently I came out like a bandit at JCPenney. I got a slew of really cute tops for $3.00-4.00. lol


  10. I also love, love, LOVE to thift store shop. I'm a big fan of Goodwill. We have a Goodwill Outlet here in Indy and it's amazing! You buy stuff by the pound. It's about 69 cents a pound. I've gotten a baby backpack carrier, nice clothes for my husband, and countless useful items from there for less than a dollar when you divide out the $$ spent by the number of items I bought. It's awesome! Many of my dishes also from Goodwill. I just add to my set every time I run into more at the GOodwill :)