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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why I Am Sad...............

I am sad.

Very sad.

I have put off writing this , because by putting this in writing it makes it real.  But, it is real and I can't keep denying it.

My exercise buddy/friend/therapist/non-blood sister, Lesley is moving.  I knew it was coming.

How do you tell someone goodbye that has been such a big part of your life?  How do you tell them how much they have meant to you? 

I have seen Lesley every morning for the last 6 months.  Rain or shine we have walked, talked, sweated and cried together.  She has cheered me on at every milestone of my weightloss journey.  She has pushed me to keep going when I wanted to quit.  Without her I do not think I would be exercising at the level I do.

So how do you tell someone like this goodbye?

You don't.  Not because you do not want to (even though I selfishly DO NOT want to), but because I can not express how she has helped me.  Instead, I will write it and hope she reads it (she will....she reads everything I write because that is the kind of friend she is).

Thank you.  Thank you for cheering me on.  Thank you for sausaging me into dresses and jeans that are snug.  Thank you for making me laugh when I have accidents while walking.  Thank you for motivating me when I didn't feel like being motivated.  Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder.  Thank you for making me the best coffee in the world every morning.  But most importantly, thank you for being my friend.

I will miss you.  This isn't the end of a friendship by far.  It is the beginning of a new chapter.  A chapter filled with texts, Skypes, FB and lots of e-mails.

I promise to keep on walking.  I will make you proud.  That is my promise to you and to myself.  All our hard work will not go wasted. 

I will miss you desperately, my friend.


  1. Think of how much fun you will have when you make a trip to visit her! A great reason so travel.

  2. Ahh, that is so great. But yes, sad. So sorry!

  3. That is sad. I know you will keep going and make her proud!

  4. Good lord, I'm totally in tears!! I have the urge to sing "Thank you for being a friend" (Golden Girls theme song). You're very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. And she's lucky to have you, too. :) XO XO