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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Last night, I decided the whole Myers clan needed some fresh air and exercise.  So, we loaded up the girls bikes and headed to the hike and bike trail here in town. 

I even brought my 3 lb. hand weights to walk with.  That way I would FOR SURE look like a complete idiot obsessive walker.  You know the type, swinging those arm weights and hips like a fool.  Yeah, that was me. 

I made the hubs join us.  His idea of physical activity is swinging a golf club after riding in a cart.  Nothing that will exert too much of his precious energy.

Anyway, him being the complete techie geek, he had to set some kind of program on his phone to log our speed and distance.  I would have just started walking until I was too tired but he HAD to know exactly the time and distance.  His scientific brain works like that.

Well, off we went.  3 girls on bikes who quickly went ahead of us.  Then me....sashaying my hips and throwing my hand weights around.  Then the hubs, who apparently liked the view of my shaking ass.

We went exactly 1.5 miles then decided to turn around so we could do a 3 mile workout.  I know this because it is clearly marked on the trail (I didn't need any high tech gadget).

The girls again rode out of our sight.  I told them to meet us at the park and not to go any further.

So, the hubs and I are nearing the park where the girls are.  We are about ready to begin walking up a small incline and then they will be able to see us.

He begins to walk super fast.

He is trying to get in front of me.

Is he crazy?

Doesn't he remember how competitive I am?  Our family is no longer allowed to have a family game night.  Game boards have been turned over, tears have been shed, winners do happy dances and say things like:  Haha!  I won.  SUCK IT!  In your face loser! Yeah, we are a lovely bunch to play games with.

Anyway, there is NO WAY I am letting him beat me.  NO. WAY.

He tells me he just wants the girls to see him first.  To know he can beat me.

All of you are saying....oh, you should let him win, right? 

But, you don't actually know that he is playing my emotions.  He is setting me up to go in for the kill.

I say:  Wah-wah.  No way.  You aren't beating me.

And I do the one thing I hate.  I run.  With 3 lb. weights in my hand.  Which isn't easy.

He says:  Oh, so now you are gonna run huh?

Uh, yeah.  Yeah I am.  And I am going to leave behind a trail of dust.  Because I can.  Because I am in really good shape.

He begins to run too.  He thinks he can catch me.

But, I have to slow down because I am struggling with the 3 lb. weights.

And so we both find the girls at the same time.

Rats.  Drats.  Double drats.

There is no moral to this story.  It is just to show you how ridiculous my family is.  We are seriously crazy.  Uber-competitive people.  But, we definitely push each other to try a bit harder.  So that is good, right?

I don't know if the hubs will want to walk again with me.  Probably.  Because he loves a good challenge as much as I do.  But, I better be prepared.  Because next time, he will run like the wind.

Go workout today....after all, it is Workout Wednesday!


  1. I was totally giggling at the thought of that! Way to do it---and rock the three pound hand weights!


  2. Hilarious!! That is the same thing Charles and I would do. No way am I letting you beat me.