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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's Thursday again.  That means......................................Ten Things Thursday.  Brought to us by the always lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier. 

1.  I have been to the dark side of Ft. Worth.  It resides at the Family Thrift Outlet on Ephiriam Ave.  Let me repeat the name so it is seared in your brains.  FAMILY THRIFT OUTLET.  Outlet being the key word here.  A thrift OUTLET.  It is the place where all the thrift stores send their un-purchased merchandise.  Every Wednesday night after they close they completely empty the store and restock it with new merchandise.   Thursday everything is 1.75 and is marked down a quarter each day.  By Wednesday everything in the store is just .25 cents.  I have been before on a Monday.  It wasn't too bad.  Not crazy at all and it was .75 cents for everything.  But, I went with a friend (because it is in a sketchy neighborhood) and there was a very different type of customer on the .75 cent day than the .50 cent day.

Uh, yeah..............I crazily went on a Tuesday.  The .50 cent day.  By myself.  Let's just say, the customers were a bit different from Monday's customers.

First, the lady next to me was smoking a cigarette that was haphazardly hanging from her lips while she was trying to engage me in a conversation.  I was watching it dangle loosely over racks of clothing.  I wanted to tell her that polyester and rayon are highly combustible.  That if she wanted to toy with her own death that was fine but there were lots of innocent people who weren't ready to die yet.  But, I don't think smokey the bear really gave a crap. 

Speaking of crap.................................. the lady on the other side of me had a screaming child.  I am pretty sure that he was screaming due to the smell coming from his disgusting diaper.  She was ignoring him though because she wasn't going to give up her cart full of loot to the vultures that would have circled it.

Then there was the lady right behind me that was SCREAMING into her cell phone.  I think she was talking to her boyfriend or husband.  I would bet half the words coming from her mouth were obscene.  I really couldn't tell though since she wasn't speaking a lick of English.  It wasn't Spanish either.  Or at least proper Spanish.  Or words that I would want to hear.

The lady next to her was about 100 years old and complaining how rude it was to talk on the phone.  Granny was telling everyone how awful  younger people are.  That technology was the dowfall of the younger generations.   She also was telling the whole lot of us how she had just quit smoking and all her medical ailments.

Good times folks.  Good. Times.

2.  So far, the puppy has ate:  1 flip-flop, one plastic thing that I couldn't identify, a gum wrapper and Lord knows what else.  It is a guessing game to what she will consume next.

3.  I have officially got a case of Spring Fever.  I couldn't force myself to go to the gym yesterday.  I walked 3 miles with a friend outside instead.  This time of year, I love to be outside before it hits 100 degrees (which may be next week since I live in Texas).

4.  School is out in 2 weeks. I am ready.  Bring on the lazy mornings and swimming all day.  I am sure it will get old about 3 weeks in when my kids start whining about how bored they are.  But, they will be spending a few weeks in Alabama with the grandparents.  Which means, vacation for me and the hubs.  Sweet!

5.  It might have to be a five things kind of Thursday as my brain is fried.  I have had to deal with people's stupidity this week.  Why am I surrounded by idiots?  Do you ever wonder about people?  I mean, really wonder why people just don't listen to you.  Especially when you know you are right?! :)

That's all I got as my little ghetto-licious story probably could have been 10 things by itself!

Adios!  I would say some words I heard the woman on the phone say but I am sure I would have to wash my own mouth out with soap.


  1. The Family Thrift Outlet is only about 30 minutes away from me, yet I have not been there. So the question is, despite the questionable clientele, is it worth a trip? Did you find anything good?

  2. Nice! hahahaha - I always want to try thrift shopping for "transitional" clothes but I am scared!

  3. Why have I never heard of this thrift outlet? I need to come with you next time!