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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I remember saying Zumba was "not my thing".

I still think that is true.

But, some friends asked me to join them at a new Zumba class.  And since, I rarely say no, I agreed.  Not whole heartily.  But I did agree to go and "try" it.

So I did.

I went Monday night.  Then, I went again Tuesday night.  I had to make myself.  I gave myself a pep talk, sucked it up and went again.

And all the while, I had a huge knot in my stomach.  I couldn't tell you why I felt anxious.  But I did. 

Really, really anxious.

You see, since I had my VAD/Stroke 6 yrs. ago, my balance and coordination have never fully recovered.  It is just a fact.  I am not as coordinated as I was before.  I have to work really hard on my balance.  And it sucks.  Not being as coordinated as before.  I just sucks.  But it is.  That is the way it is now.  Period.

But, I couldn't understand why in the world I was so anxious about going to Zumba.  It isn't the psychical aspect of it.  I am in pretty good shape, if I do say so myself. 

And then, I had a lightbulb moment.

Suddenly I understood why I was so anxious.  It is because I am not as coordinated as I used to be.  And that bothers me.............a lot.

And at the same time, it makes me want to try all the more. Because I know why I am anxious.

It has fueled a fire within me that challenges me to try even harder.  To make myself learn those steps, those Zumba moves.

There is one thing I love.................a challenge.

Bring.  It.  On.

So, I WILL be doing Zumba 3 days a week.  And, I WILL learn the moves.  And, I WILL get some of my coordination back.  Even if it is just a smidge.  I WILL succeed at this.

I may not be the best Zumba student ever.  But, I WILL  master it as well as I can. 

I am on a mission now.

Challenge accepted.


  1. Awesome! I do Zumba almost daily, and I know I am not perfect at it, but I love the calorie burn. I have problems with my right ankle, so there are moves I can't do well, and I am not as good at balancing when it involves that ankle, but I see a tiny bit of improvement, which is a good thing.

    Good luck on your challenge!

  2. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!!!!!

  3. I love this as I am a ZUMBA addict, fanatic or whatever! I am not perfect but I move and I do not stop for 60 minutes and the steps get easier after it each class.

    I say keep it up and you will see your balance perhaps improve. I also will tell you that YOGA can also help tremendously with balance.

    I love how many calories I can burn by dancing verses being on a machine of any kind. It is amazing!

    All reasons you should stick with it in my opinion!

  4. How funny that you put this particular picture under this particular entry... aside from the message on it, I mean.
    Why do I think that?
    That's the "Crow". A balancing yoga position. I love it NOW...
    Although I always liked yoga, I could never accomplish this pose. I kept telling myself that I'm too heavy for it... And that's what I firmly believed.
    But earlier this year, when I started doing "proper" yoga (not the funny one hour in a gym, but at a well established, serious(and non-profit) yoga centre this pose was part of the first week's curriculum... To my utter shock. Again: "I can never do this!".
    However, staying in a crouching position, watching everyone else to do or at least to try, I raised a challenge: I WILL do this position - I will not rest until I do! So that was my challenge: bring it on!
    And from that day I kept on trying - with each yoga practice I tried and tried and tried - and failed, but I felt good about trying.
    Then one morning, out of the blue, the tops of my toes left the mat - and there I was: In the Crow! The dreaded position concurred!
    I felt soooooo gooooood!
    And I still do, every time I do the crow. That's the highlight of my yoga practice - because I value the effort and commitment I put into accomplishing it. And because that's one more challenged completed under my belt. So I raise my glass for all and every challenge we set for ourselves: they are put in our path to help better ourselves.
    (Sorry about the lengthy comment, but reading your entry and then seeing the picture stirred up my emotions :)