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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Awwww....hump day.  The day when there is no Zumba so instead I will get on the cross-trainer at the gym and sweat like a pig.  Good times.

Exercise is something I have made a priority.  Why?  Because losing all this weight was HARD.  Very hard.  I don't plan on finding those pounds ever again.

I also enjoy my chocolate.  There I said it.  I am a choco-holic.  I don't plan on giving that up either. Because a life without chocolate is no life at all. 

 So............it is either never eat chocolate again.  GASP.  Or....................burn off those extra calories.  Guess which one I choose? 

Yep, exercise.  Because momma likes her M & M's.

Have a great Workout Wednesday everyone. 


  1. Yay!! You know how I feel about workout Weds!! Hellz yeah sister, chocolate is what makes life great!

  2. My fact of the day? It takes walking the length of a football field to burn off the calories from just ONE M&M. Oy, how disturbing is that?

    Not that I think anyone should ever give up chocolate, I just thought that was nuts.

  3. I hate when I have to miss ZUMBA, I could easily do it every day I love it! I also agree not to give things up, just work harder!

  4. Workout Wednesday. IE: Wicked Wednesday. Enjoy the sweat session! We're biking tonight ourselves. :)


  5. I like how you have a plan "B" when Zumba is cancelled. Sometimes I use a cancelled class as an excuse to not exercise. My bad. I'll have to take this tip from you to ALWAYS have a back up plan to get my booty movin'. :)

  6. Ronnie's fact of the day is depressing.