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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello to the Sisters

My hubby (in all his guyness) gave me a compliment last night.  We were about to watch a movie when he told me to turn sideways.

I was going to question what he wanted but I decided to see where this little adventure was going.

He said (and I quote), "Wow! Your boobs stick out more than your stomach now!"  I almost smacked him! But, then I stopped when I realized he had just given me the ultimate guy compliment.

The sisters had made their re-debut!

Now, when I step into a room my stomach will no longer be the first thing to enter!

I am reminded of a Newlywed Game episode where they asked the husbands: When your wife takes a bath what side would most stick out of the water?  The front or the back. One husband answered the front of course, because it would be his wifes tummy.

So, bring on the Newlywed game questions...well, we are way past that stage at 15 years of marriage (but, whos counting?).  But still......

I will take the compliments as they come!

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