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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's that time again.........Ten Things Thursday.  Brought to us by the lovely Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

1.  Monday, I spent all day purchasing, unloading, dividing and sorting snacks for the 3 days of testing at the school.  700 bottles of water.  700 snacks.  I was exhausted.  Do you know how much of a workout that is pushing cases of water on carts?  I bet I burned like a gazillion calories.  My kids helped me load up our truck with 30 cases of water and snackage.
By lunchtime, I could physically not go another step.  I had forgotten to eat breakfast and was literally shaking.  I thought I was going to pass out.  I have become one of the people that I used to despise who says:  Oh my goodness!  I totally forgot to eat.  By the way, that is an Ford Excursion.  And it was full.

2.  It is already in the upper 90's here.  This summer is going to SUCK.  My poor hair.  I have naturally wavy coarse hair that I flat iron and it looks like an Afro on my head.  There is no help for my hair in this humidity. 

3.  I hate my scale.  It is doing the yo-yo trick again.  163-168 lbs.  Up and down.  Down and up.  I may have to take a hammer to it.

4.  The other night at dinner my middle child, Lily, was giggling to herself.  I asked her what she was laughing at.  Here is the conversation:

Me:  What are you laughing at?
Lily:  I was just remembering something from when I was little.
Me:  Oh, what?
Lily:  I was remembering when I was in the second grade.
Uh......okay.  She is only in the 3rd grade now.  But, I will play along.
Me: What?
Lily:  One time when our class was walking down the hall there was a policeman walking towards us.  I whispered in Austin's (name has been changed to protect the innocent) ear:  Uh, oh the po-po is here to take you to juvie.
Me:  What?!  That poor boy.  Why would you say that?  Didn't the teacher get mad?
Lily:  Yeah, she told me not to say that anymore but she was trying not to laugh.  I am sooooooo funny!

Heaven help me.  She is a mini-me. She even looks JUST like me.  And she thinks she is funny and witty...........just like me.  Oh good Lord.  What have I created?!

5.  I have had more than a few people tell me that I no longer look like myself.  Seriously?!  If that is not a back-handed compliment I do not know what is.  I had to get a professional opinion on this..........so, I called my mom.  I can always be assured she will tell me exactly how she feels.  She didn't disappoint me either.  She said:  You finally look like yourself. 

6.  This last fill was a game changer for me.  I have honestly never felt tons of "restriction".  I  always measure out portions, log it into MFP and make sure to stay within my calorie count.  At this time, I have given up logging on MFP because no matter what I eat, it is never over 1,500 calories. I am trying to trust myself and my portions.  We will see how this experiment goes.

7.   My comedian daughter pointed out the chicken feed bag yesterday.  She asked me what brand of food it was.  When I said Dumor (pronounced do-more) she said :  WRONG!!! She said it is pronounced dumber because chickens have tiny brains.  Never a dull moment folks. 

8.  I HATE this new Blogger look.  It is freaking me out!!!  I don't adapt well to change. Why do they have to go and mess a good thing up?  Why Blogger?  Why?

9.  Monday I am going to try Zumba again.  There is a new studio in town and some friends signed up.  I am hoping this will get rid of the last 5 lbs.  At the very least, I will get a good laugh.  Everyone who loves Zumba swears I just had a bad teacher.  We will see...........

10.  I think my doggy needs Prozac.  She is very mopey.  Do you think she knows I am about to rock her world with a new sibling? 

That is all!  Have a fantasitcal Thursday.


  1. There is never a dull moment in your family, haha!

  2. I have the same summer hair issues! You're not alone. ;)

    By the way, LOVE your layout! Looks familiar! :)