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I am a 39 yr. old stay at home mom to 3 girls ages 10, 9 and 7. My goal is to be fit by 40! I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was banded on 4/5/2011. I tend to be a bit on the sarcastic and cynical side. I love to read, hate to excersise (but am learning to tolerate it!), love to shop and want to smack anyone who is a size 2 (not really!). I am learning to work with my band and my new self one day at a time!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gastric Distress

I was reminded yesterday of a story a friend told me years ago.............

Her and her fiance, who is a physician, were driving in West Texas (so i.e. ....middle of nowhere) when he started sweating, shaking and rocking in his seat.  She asked him what was wrong, thinking he was having some kind of seizure-like episode.  He replied, "I am in gastric distress and need to find a place to go poop NOW!"  She nearly fell out of the car laughing.  Poor guy.

Why am I telling you this?  Because yesterday my day was filled with gastric distress.  I don't know if the turkey burger I ate the night before didn't sit well (probably my bad kharma for lying to my husband about turkey spagetti) or I had a tummy bug.   Either way, me and turkey are getting divorced for awhile.

Maybe the scale will go down...........sadly, that was my first thought.

You know you are a bandster when the first thing that you think after visiting the comode is............ I wonder how much weight I just lost.


  1. You are talking to someone who has always has 'gastro-intestinal' issues. The current heat and liquid diet are NOT helping. And, yes, of course we all want to know - is this extreme uncomfort going to make the scale go down ! :)

  2. Aye. Make sure to drink water!!

  3. forgot to say that I love the new blog appearance!!