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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thick Necks & Necklaces Don't Mix

Today as I was trying on a necklace that I found,  I remembered a not so pretty memory.  I guess I had blocked this from my mind and it resurfaced from my subconscious.

I went to a jewelry party hosted by one of my friends.  I remember as I looked around the party thinking that I was the fatest person in the room.  The lady gave her sales pitch and we all dug into her jewelry trunk.  I love jewelry.  When you are heavy that is something that you can still wear and not have to worry about it fitting..........or so I thought.

I began trying on bracelets and then moved to necklaces.  However, a lot of the necklaces I couldn't get clasped.  Why?  Because my neck was too fat.  How humiliating. 

I remember feeling defeated as I set the beautiful necklace down.  The sales lady approached me and said, "We do make extenders."  She said it in front of my friends.  She was trying to be helpful.  I was so embarrassed that I probably turned as red as a fire truck.

I politely excused myself and went home empty handed.

I cried the whole way home.  I was mortified that I had let myself get so fat that I couldn't even buy costume jewelry. 

Anyway, today I found a necklace in my desk that my mom had given me last Christmas.  I remember having to use the last clasp to wear it.

I tried it on and.....................clasped in on the 3rd clasp.  About 14 links away from the last one.  Such an eye opener!  I haven't really been paying attention but as I look in the mirror my neck is making another appearance.

I cried.  Not tears of humiliation this time but tears of happiness.

Sometimes, we need concrete proof that we are making progress.  Yes, people tell us we look great.  Yes, we see the scale going down.  But, when you can clasp a different link on a necklace or put on those pants that have been hanging in your closet waiting for your waistline to shrink......... only then does it click that you are on the right track!


  1. I love it, I haven't bought necklaces in years for this very reason. Guess I need to get back on the horse, too!

  2. That is awesome!!! :)

    I am a new follower - love the blog!

  3. Great post, Brenda ! Love it !

  4. oh, what a hurtful comment :( sorry that happened but glad you found the sunshine at the end!!