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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Inevitable Finally Happened...............

It was just a matter of time before it happened.

Yesterday at the surgeon as I stepped on the scale is showed no change in weight for the last month. That's right....NADA, ZILCH, ZERO a big fat doughnut!

What????? How the heck did that happen?  I almost yelled, "that scale is a dirty lying whore!"  But, then I remembered my hubby has to work with those people so I refrained from my Tourettes moment.

Anyway, how did this happen?  I exercise like a fiend.  I track my calories...obsessively.  Was it that it is that TOM?  Water retention?  The strength training I have added?

Long story short, I got a much needed fill.  I am hoping that will break the plateau.  I hadn't had a fill in 6 months! 

I have decided on a new game plan.  I am going to make sure to drink ONE protein shake a day before or immediately after working out.  My protein is still something I struggle with and that will put protein intake into the green zone.

I am really going to watch my sugar and carbs.  Because, I really like my chocolate but obviously, it doesn't like me as well.  And ditto for salt.  I look at salt and retain water.

So, while this is frustrating.  It is not something that makes me want to throw in the towel.  It actually makes me all the more determined to lose these last 15 lbs. 

Oh, and this morning when I stepped on my scale......it was 5 lbs. less than at the doctors office.  Dirty, lying, no good, b@#* of a scale!  I am telling you....scales are evil.

Happy Friday everyone!!!  I hope your scale is not your enemy today.


  1. LMAO gotta love how 1 scale varies from the next huh? Hopefully the fill will help you out, sometimes you have to change things up if you stop losing, eat more, do different types of exercises your body may of adjusted to what your currently doing, shake it up girl! Make your body stop in its tracks and freak out!

  2. I hate all scales. They lie.

    Unless it shows a loss... and then you can't convince me it's wrong even if I have one foot off.

  3. hang in there - you've done great so far and I have no doubt that you'll continue to do so :)

  4. Throw away the scale, or limit to once a week!!!!
    Costcos pre-made protein drinks are the best! Low carbs, low sugar, and
    30 g of protein!!!!!!

  5. You are so close those last little pounds are the worst I am told. You are amazing hang in there. Scales can be evil truly!! LOL

  6. Hi :) - New follower!!
    Are clothes fitting you better than a month ago?
    Muscle weighs a lot, and since you mentioned you are doing strength training, you've probably lost weight but gained muscle (good!)! Sometimes a better way to do it is by measuring yourself (waits, arms, etc.) every week.
    Take care!

  7. That stinks! Glad you got a fill!

  8. I always hate being weight at the doctor's office because it lies. It has to. The only true way to weigh me is in the morning, after I've peed and before I put any clothes on. If I'm not naked, there are pounds that do not belong to me. :)