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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Me....Circuit Training?! Who'd A Thunk?!

Today is the second time this week I have done this ridiculously hard circuit training DVD.  Thanks Jillian!  I both love and hate you (as I would with any great trainer).

See how Jillian is pointing directly at me?  She is telling me that I am going to have abs like hers in about 90 days.  Well, at least in my imagination she is.

This week goes a little something like this:

Sunday: Walked 2.5 miles (with my mom the speed walker at super hyper turbo speed)
Monday:  Jillian and I had a date in my living room (where I was sweating like a hooker on payday)
Tuesday:  Lesley and I walked our 3.5 miles uphill (I crawled because I was so sore.  But I did it.)
Wednesday:  Lesley and I worked out with Jillian (who told us there was no way we could be almost 40 because not only are we soooo beautiful but we have major flexibility! Hey, I can dream.).
Thursday:  Planning on a cardio hill day
Friday:  More of the Jillian love
Saturday:  Rest day (seriously, rest as in 3 of the girls basketball games)

And then the fun will begin again next week!

I think it is absolutely insane that in a little under a year I have gone from couch potato to water aerobics to walking to distance walking to circuit training/walking.  I CAN NOT imagine not exercising now.  It has become such an ingrained habit....almost like breathing. 

When I first started my journey and I was in the 300's there was not any exercising going on .  When you are that heavy it hurts to even get out of bed, breathe and walk to the kitchen.  After about 50 lbs. gone I found water aerobics.  It is the perfect non-stressful exercise.  And I wonderful calorie burner.  After about 75 lbs. gone...I wanted to sweat.  And that is when the walking started.  Now, I would even do a boot camp (and I really don't ever want to..but I could)....I am not scared of any kind of challenge.

So, what I am getting at is this.................if you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey start with something that you feel comfortable doing.  It may be a walk to the mailbox or a stroll around the block.  Maybe your gym has a water aerobics or low impact aerobic class.  Just start somewhere.  Anywhere is better than sitting on your couch feeling miserable.

If you want to be successful in your weight loss you will have to start exercising at some point.  So why not start today?  Make it your daily habit.  Pretty soon you will not know how you lived without it.  Really...I swear (I wouldn't lie about that!).

Happy Workout Wednesday!!!


  1. I would love to have Jillian beat me up! Right now I'm getting my sweat on with Bob, and that works well too! I love that you love exercise now! So great for those just starting out to see this!

  2. Great post! I've always been an athlete but in the few years before my surgery I didn't make time for exercise like I should. There was always some excuse and it was also discouraging when I would exercise and then go home and eat and of course not lose any weight. After my lapband I joined a gym and went regularly 2-3 times a week which was better than I had been doing but still not good enough to really get the weight loss going and gain strength, etc. So one of my 2012 goals is to exercise 4-5 times a week and I've been sticking to it so far and feel great! I go to the gym early (6am) when I can and I just got a bootcamp app on my iphone that you can do at home and you don't need any weights or equipment other than a mat for the floor. I love it! I feel sore in a good way and strong and on my way to getting fit. Exercise really is key.

  3. You are doing great! Looking back, it's amazing to see the changes we have made...not just diet, but lifestyle changes. I used to be a confirmed couch potato and now I find myself getting a little bit perturbed if certain Zumba instructors are teaching my class because I don't feel like I get as good of a workout with them as I do with some of the others...crazy, isn't it?!!

  4. I know this was from Wednesday (yes, I'm thaaat behind. I suck!)... but I'm still proud of you! :)