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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Have You Gained from Losing?

This weight loss journey has amazed me.  Never in a million years would I have thought that I would find such blessings from an area of my life that was in such disrepair.  But I have.  And now, I wouldn't change one thing about my journey!

Here are just a few things that I have gained from losing weight.

1.  My health - I was taking 5 different medications.  I now only take my thyroid medicine.  My blood pressure and depression are GONE.  It is hard to be depressed when you have so many endorphins running through your body from working out.

2.  Confidence.  I think I can do anything now.  If I can conquer this weight issue than everything else is insignificant.  It was the one part of my life I had little to no control over.  That has completely changed.  I am in charge now.

3.  Strength.  I double dog dare someone to try to take my purse.  I would run after you and kick some serious ass.  When you feel strong there is nothing that you can not do.  I couldn't  run before losing weight...hobble maybe, but run, no way! 

4.  Energy.  It is amazing how good you feel after losing 20 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs.  I used to nap during the day.  I am so full of energy now that I can barely sit down or stay still!  I have to go, go, go.  When you have 3 kids that extra energy sure makes life a lot easier.

5.  My kids admiration.  This was very important to me.  I wanted to be a role model for my girls.  Before losing weight, I was not the best mom I could be.  I can now be not only physically active with them but they no longer have to worry about my health.  I can be someone that they want to be like.  An inspiration to them.  They now see that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

6.  I have gained a waist.  That's right.  My waist line has made a reappearance.  NICE!

7.  Support.  From people that I least expected.  Amazing friendships have happened.  I have people cheering me on that I never expected to support me in this journey.  It is hard to fail when you have that much support.

8.  Space.  Let's face it, being heavy takes up a lot of space.  I can sit in any seat comfortably, spaces no longer feel confining.  There is now a lot of extra space in our king size bed. 

9.  A better outlook.  Because when you are fighting with yourself it is hard to be positive.  My attitude towards myself and the world is just a bit sunnier these days.

10.  Respect.  Mainly from myself.  Because I refuse to beat myself up anymore, especially over food.  I won't let food control me anymore.  I will respect myself and my body.  I will take time for myself EVERY day.  Why?  Because I respect myself.

There are so many other things I could list.  The list could be endless. 

What have you gained from losing?  Or if you are at the beginning of your weight loss journey ask yourself this........what will you stand to gain from losing weight?


  1. That is a *great* list, I love it!

  2. and you've gained a great pair of legs !

  3. #5 really touched my heart...and i am working on #10 everyday for myself...

  4. Definitely a great list. I agree... need to work on #10 for myself. As they say, we are our own hardest critics.

  5. I would say a better outlook but I haven't been sticking to my diet completely so I can't comment too much.


  6. Great list Brenda.
    I would add for me that I can wear heels again!