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Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Happens When You Start Living

Junior ROTC Marine Corps Ball 2012

Me, Georgia and Kevin

Me and Georia all dressed up

Georgia being escorted to her seat

Georgia dancing

Georgia and Kevin (A.K.A. Daddy)

For so many years I went through life sleep walking.  Not being present in my life or the life of my family.  I made excuses to not go places.  I hid away from the world because I was embarrassed and upset with myself for letting myself get so heavy.

Well, this weekend I did something totally unexpected.  My husband asked me to attend a Junior ROTC Marine Corps Ball with him.  I didn't even hesitate.  I just said yes.   I am sure he was surprised by my response.  He is used to me trying to get out of going anywhere.

He just happened to have an extra ticket and my youngest daughter (who is in love with all things dressy and princess-like) asked to go with us.  I got myself ready and curled her hair and let her put a little glittery makeup on.  She felt like an 7 year old princess.

I almost cried when the Marine asked for my permission to escort her to the table and also later when he asked if he could dance with her.  Just watching her little face light up made my night.  She danced with my husband when they asked the men to dance with their favorite "gals".  She danced with me.  She was in heaven.

Sometimes, it pains me to think of the things I missed out on because I was too scared to face life when I was heavier.  I can't imagine all the times it must have broken my girls heart to watch their mom retreat from events because of weight. 

But now, I have another chance.  Another chance to be present in my own life.  To see what happens when I actually start living and embrace life.

I won't squander it away this time.  I will live life to the fullest.  That is a promise I make to my family, friends and mainly to myself. 


  1. Awww, this post made me teary eyed. Partly because I am happy you have gotten to that good plave, and partly because I know what it's like to be in that bad place. You looked beautiful in the pics, and so did Georgia :)

  2. So proud of your Brenda, it's amazing to feel like your living for the very first time doesn't it? I seriously feel like this is the first time my eyes are wide open and I see and live life like I have always wanted to!

  3. I'm really excited for your. For the life you have gained. It is truly a blessing to be present in the present.

    Continue happiness for your and your family.

  4. This post made me smile... so happy for you!

  5. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda,

    I stopped reading and immediately went to reply when I read the first paragrah. I missed MANY functions for the same reasons. And when I really think about that, how sad that must have really been. The shame I must have felt.

    I am so happy you attended the ball. Thanks for posting this. It hit home.

  6. Love it!!! Don't worry about the past - milk all these moments now!!! So truly happy for you! :)

  7. What a fabulous story and such beautiful memories and pictures! Thank you for sharing them here with us!

    You look so beautiful!

  8. I love this post and I am so happy that you gave yourself another chance.
    I wish I had done this when my kids were still young so that I would not have missed out on all that I did. I also know their dad wanted a divorce because he hates fat more then anything and that is why he could not love me.
    If I had done this when I was younger; I could have changed my life and theirs.

  9. Ahhhh, so sweet about the marine!

    You guys all look great in your pics and I'm soooo happy that you got out and went!

  10. oh Brenda!! so cute and such a good post. I love that you're LOVING life! :)

  11. That is tooooo sweet. Yes, you may have missed some things but remember it has helped you realize how much you should cherish the moments and really live in them. I'm happy you attended. Looks like your daughter had a wonderful time.

  12. This is the dream! :) You all looked great!