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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ten things Thursday, started by Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.  If you haven't checked out her blog....well, go check it out. 

1.  Yesterday while Lesley and I were sweating with Jillian, she looked over at me at said my arms and shoulders were TINY.  It is nice to hear tiny instead of wobbly or bat wing like (which in all honesty could have been said).

2.  This is a random thought but it is one of life's little mysteries.  In the mornings when I brush my teeth a spot of toothpaste always emerges on my shirt.  It is not from my vanity because I have made sure to wipe it down.  I don't ever see a drop fall from my mouth either.  So, where does it come from?  Seriously?  Where?  It baffles my mind every morning.

3.  Tonight is Georgia's 2nd grade music program.  It will last a whopping 25 minutes.  I love that our music teacher knows that second graders have the attention span of gnats.

4.  This fill seems to be doing its job.  I am not snacking between meals.  Isn't it strange that we have to stall to get even a little fill?  Believe me, I could have used this fill before the holidays when all I wanted was chocolate.

5.  I can not buy jeans that seem to fit me.  I will fully admit to having no rear end.  My legs and thighs are skinny and I still have my lovely stomach pooch.  So when jeans fit me in the waist, they are huge in my butt.  It looks like I have poopy pants all the time.

6.  It is 78 degrees here today.  It actually feels like spring. I miss winter.

7.  All of a sudden my pug thinks she needs to ride in the car.  When one of us opens the door she runs out and sits by my van.  Maybe she wants to make a break for it.  After all, this is one crazy household.

8.  In order to bump up my protein, I have been drinking 2 protein shakes a day.  It seems to really be working to  up my protein to around 100 grams a day.  Not only is it keeping me satisfied longer but it helps control my sugar cravings.

9.  I know we all hate to talk about pooping but I seem to be seriously constipated all the time. I poop bricks or rabbit pellets.   I drink tons of water, take Mira-Lax and nothing is working.  It is a little frustrating for me because if I don't go, I don't lose.  The scale will not budge.  If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

10.  I have decided that I need to invent a talking scale.  Before giving you your weight it will tell you things like, "You are so beautiful," "Look at you skinny,"  etc.  Wouldn't that be nice to hear something like that when you are stepping on the devil box?

That is all!  Have a great Thursday.


  1. I totally hear you about the baggy ass. It stinks. I've just started having the problem (which is good), but finding stuff that fits is really difficult!! Good luck with the poop issue. I found that drinking Gatorade (G2, the low cal version) helps in addition to drinking lots of the water. If I ever find the magic answer, I'll let you know. :)

  2. poopy pants and rabbit pebbles!!! Hilarious. You just made my day start with a big ol' smile!

    Maybe you need more fiber in your diet???? Idk.

    And if you invent the scale. I'm buying. Except I want mine to say, "Good Morning Sex Goddess! Go forth you gorgeous women and conquer the day!" MmmmKay?

  3. FIBER GUMMIES. they save my life. and butt. lol seriously.