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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thursday.................and therefore, Ten Things Thursday brought to us by the wonderful Laura at Beer, Dogs and Getting Healthier.

1.  It stuck.  163.5 on the scale this morning.  4.5 lbs. until I hit the healthy BMI range.  How wonderful.  That is all I can say.  I resisted the urge to eat any form of chocolate yesterday.  1 day of detox down.  Today has been good so far.

2.  Speaking of chocolate.  I thought I would share a picture of my chocolate stash that fills the refrigerator door shelf.
Sad, right?  But before you leave bad comments let me 'splain myself (no excuses, I promise).  I am one of those people that can not put a taboo on a food.  I learned early on in my weight loss journey that when I told myself I could NEVER have something EVER.......well, I wanted it BAD.  And, I would overeat when I had the taboo food.  If I have an abundance of something.....a large stocked cabinet of chips or chocolate, I can resist.  I am sure that means I am psychologically insane.  In fact, I won't argue with you if you think this means I am certifiably crazy.   Anyway, I have had the same Snickers bar in my fridge for almost a year.  And I refuse to eat it.  It is like I have to prove I have will power.  CrAzY.  Yes, that is me....Crazy.

3.  I almost spit my coffee at the computer screen yesterday from laughing like a hyena at Laura's post about "crack-whore hair with a sprinkle of toddler thrown in".  OMG.  Too Funny!!!  So Laura, in honor of you.....I took a picture of my crack-whore hair this morning. 

This is:  Give me my damn money crack-whore glare.

This is:  Just woke up from my nap crack-whore.

And last but not least:  This is sad crack-whore.

Yeah, that was a great waste of my morning huh?  But, notice in all the pictures I am wearing my Auburn shirt.  At least I am an educated crack-whore. 

4.  My fantastic day turned to a craptastic day.  I had to take my car in to be looked at.  After charging us a $100 fee (just to look under the hood), they let us know it would be $700 to fix my air-conditioning compressor.  Of course, our extended warranty won't cover it.  I haven't seen my husband that ticked off in a long time.   We will be finding another mechanic to look at the car.  Lesson learned.  We will not deal with the car dealership.  This is the second time they have told us something wasn't covered by the extended warranty they sold us.

5.  Since my last fill, I rarely get stomach growling hungry.  But, I have noticed I have been getting headaches.  Yesterday, when I noticed a headache coming on I ate a few bites.  I guess that is my body's new signal that I need to eat.

6.  Because of the fill, I have been having trouble taking meds at night.  I have not PB'd at all while eating but have been feeling like medicine was sitting on top of my band.  I had to purchase a pill splitter yesterday.  I now have to split my pills into tiny pieces like an 80 year old woman.  It was either split the pills up or crush them in applesauce like a toddler.  

7.  When the insurance made me go to the pre-op psych evaluation to make sure I wasn't a basket full of crazy, I remember giving the Psychiatrist a funny look when she asked if I had developed masculine facial hair.  I thought, YOU CRAZY!!!  I mean no lady is going to tell you if she has a man-stache.  Seriously.  That is an off-limits question.  The answer was no though...no man hair.  Then today, while sitting in the pick-up lane at the school,  I looked in the rear view mirror I found, *GASP*..........not one, but TWO black chin hairs.  WTH?!  I am growing witch-like facial hair AFTER I have lost 150 lbs.  I am the opposite of normal!!!!!

8.  Yesterday, I was so proud of myself.  I spent 40 minutes on the cross-trainer at the gym.  Not the elliptical......the cross-trainer.  My arms feel like rubber today.  450 calories in 40 minutes.........that's what I am talking about! 

9.  My lunatic husband brought the kids home 21 chicks from the feed store 2 weeks ago.  We now have 16 chicks.  You do the math...........we are not chicken farmers.  Those poor chicks.  It is like committing suicide when you go home with us.  The kids have gotten so used to it they just pick up the dead chick and chunk it into the woods.  Tears are no longer shed over the tiny chicks.  Poor, poor chickens.  They don't even get a proper burial.

10.  Because I made you look at crack-whore hair pictures, I will leave you with a picture of me with my hair done and in full make-up.
If you look closely, you can see the girls dirty cereal bowls on the counter.  Yeah, we are classy people.

Have a fantastic Thursday!!!!


  1. This whole list made me smile. Freaking love it.

  2. Glad the weigh in stuck. Super excited for you being so close to where you want to be. You are the bomb.com

  3. I love you!

  4. I love the crack ho pics...you are too funny!! I'm super excited that the number on the scale decided to stick around...you are so close, my sista!!!

  5. This was straight up hilarious. LOVED it!! you made me laugh and I needed that today.

  6. omg, i am rolling....ROLLING...on the floor in my office right now. I freaking laughed at this whole thing.....loved the crack-whore pics, that was beyond awesome, and the story about the chicks....'you do the math, we're not chicken farmers'....hilarious!!!

    oh you just made my day.
    btw, you so pretty!

  7. Think I am on for Mid-May - Doc's office called today Meme

  8. LOL @ the crack whore hair pictures!!!

  9. Great post....thanks for making me laugh!