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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Workout Wednesday

I will continue to carry on Cat's tradition of Workout Wednesday.  I totally, 100% percent believe exercise is what got me to where I am in my weight loss journey (and logging my calories).  Luckily,  I found early on that walking is something I love.  So find something that you can stick with.  Now, I will climb off my exercise soapbox!

Yesterday, my daughter begged to go to the gym.  Really.  She WANTS to workout.  How am I supposed to argue with that?  So, at 7 p.m. we got in the car and headed to the fitness center.

Usually, I pick my beloved treadmill and walk inclines until I am ready to pass out.  But, I didn't.  Why?  Because a post Cat had written a while back was ringing in my ears.  I can't find the post on her blog, but I know she wrote it.  It said to try a different routine.  Whether it is a different treadmill or a workout location.  Switch it up.  Change something.

I kind of took it to heart.

I hopped on an elliptical.

Oh, the elliptical.  It has been my arch nemesis.  I tried it in the beginning and it almost killed me.  Seriously.  I almost flat-lined on the stupid machine.

But that was more than 100 lbs. ago.

Things are a bit different now.

So, I turned it on and away I went.  My daughter was on the machine next to me.

1/2 a mile in and still at level 1.  I could breathe easily.  So I cranked up the level to 3.  3/4 mile in and I still could breathe.............I cranked the level to 5.  And worked out for another 20 minutes at level 5. 

I never felt like I was going to die.  In fact, I got an adrenaline rush about 1/2 mile in. 

It was a completely different scenario than the last time.

It was nice.

Sometimes, our minds make us believe we can not do something when in fact our bodies are quite capable.  Last night, I learned that unless I TRY, I will not know what my body is capable of.

Anyway, I am going to do the elliptical more.  Change up my exercise routine a bit and see if I can bust through my plateau.

I will say this, the scale rewarded me this morning.

It was my lowest number yet.  Let's hope the number sticks.

Yes, that is a 163.5.  I almost passed out.  I haven't seen anything less than a 169.3 in over a month. 

All because I tried something new (and kept my paws off the chocolate stash).

Elliptical, you are my new BFF.


  1. Holy cow!! You blasted through that plateau, sista!!! You're my hero...I wanna be just like you!!!

  2. WOWZA! So awesome! Glad you switched it up, the elliptical is fun! :)

  3. Woop Woop!!! Yep, that was me with the try new things etc. Funny - you and I are opposite, I started on the elliptical and moved TO the treadmill. So very glad you got a new BFF and a new thing to change things up for your workouts. Go you!!

  4. hey girl, I forgot to tell you I changed the name on my blog it's now www.thedandybandy.blogspot.com
    Thanks :)

  5. Yay!!!!! I love your new profile pic by the way.