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Monday, October 17, 2011

Addicted to Exercise

Yesterday, it was quite apparent that my body is addicted to exercise.

Here is how my day went down...............

Up at the crack of dawn because the kids just had to eat.  I am not a morning person.  So, I became snappy mom.  Snappy mom had to have 3 cups of coffee in order to scramble eggs.

My husband was playing in a golf tournament.  That means we could have a lazy pajama day.  My butt stayed in my favorite chair and watched movies with the kids until late afternoon.  Then snappy mom made a come back and decided we needed to get productive and clean.

The belt on my brand new vacuum broke.  I alternated between being mad and being upset as I had to unscrew and take apart the vacuum to replace the belt.  My oldest child kept saying, "Mom it is just a vacuum.  Everything will be fine!"  There is nothing like the wisdom of a 10 year old to keep you grounded.

My husband returned from golfing about 5.  I was so excited there was another adult to talk to that I wouldn't shut up.  He on the other hand, wanted a nap.  Of course I took his lack of interest in the dress that I wanted to order online personally, and began to cry.  Then I got mad.  (HELLO CYBIL!)

He looked me square in the eye and said, "Have you walked today?"  To which I had to reply, "No".  "I think you really need to," he said.

So, I texted Lesley and away we went.

And you know what?

I felt so much better.

Crazy, huh?

My body craves that exercise.  I need it.  It levels out my moods (I have major PMS) and keeps me sane.
What a difference a year has made in my life.  A year ago, I would have reached for a cookie, now I reach for my tennis shoes. 

When I first started to exercise I despised it.  Now, I am in love with it. 

Let me say that again............I am in love with exercise.  Those were words I never thought I would say.  Sometimes, I surprise myself. 


  1. Join the club...isn't it great?!!

  2. I hope that I too fall in love with exercise.

  3. It is amazing, isn't it?? I am glad you found your inner exercise girl.
    Also, love, love the progress pics.

  4. That's awesome! I can't wait until I'm there!

  5. I just wish I could get stuck to exercise. It seems I try and I get addicted, then something happens and I stop. But you're right, I am such a more mellow person when I run. I need to remember that!

  6. Great revelation. I wish I was!

  7. I remember when I first started blogging you told me about reaching for your tennies versus reaching for a cookie :) I'm still not there yet with the exercising but I'm not reaching for cookies :)