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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes, The Truth Stinks

I am not gonna sugar coat this.  Some people may not like what I am about to say.  But, it is the truth.  And as we all know, sometimes, the truth stinks.

In order to be successful with this tool we call a band you have to put in the work.  Really!  You have to eat right and *gasp* exercise.  That's right, you have to use self control.

I have seen a lot of belly aching on forums about how the band is not controlling peoples food intake.  How they aren't losing any weight.  That is should be easier.  If you signed up for easy then you had the wrong surgery.

My surgeon point blank said, "This is JUST a tool.  You will have to do the work.  It does not do the work for you."  Did I really believe him in the beginning?  No!  But, after the initial weight loss and a plateau I quickly realized that I would have to do some major work if I wanted the plateaus to stop.  Therefore, when a plateau happens (and they always do) I have to change things up.  Increase protein, decrease sugar and carbs, exercise a bit more, etc.

People, you have to work with this band!  Why is that so hard?  We did not get fat overnight and we are not going to get skinny overnight either.  It is going to take years of dedication on our part.

Sure, we all slip but you have to do the work 80% of the time (if not more).  No one promised us lollipops, gumdrops and rainbows.  No one told you this would be easy breezy.  So what made you think it would?

Is it hard work?  Hell yes!  Do you have to be dedicated?  Hell yes!  But, will you be able to say YOU did the work?  Yes!  That you are the one that worked the band? Yes. 

You do not have the right to complain about something you are not actively participating in. 

Nuff said.


  1. This is pretty much the best post I have EVER read in about a year from any banded blogger. Amen Sista! :)

    I may even do a shout out to you in tomorrow's blog post.

    So good to see that you "get it" I can tell you get it from your 110 lbs lost. AWESOME work my friend!

  2. It is hard but it is up to us. We need to decide if it is worth it to eat something or worth it to take a day off exercise. What do you really want????? I find days I wonder if I can do this, but I shake myself and keep working it, so that some day I will be able to say I lost 110. You are such an inspiration.

  3. I've always been a firm believer that it's only a tool.

    I struggled with my weight for quite some time this past year.

    I finally decided that I could use a slight fill. That fill along with what you said, up the protein, decrease sugar & carbs was exactly what I needed.

    I no longer visit lap band message boards anymore. I was tired of the rants.

  4. The band is a huge help though. I seriously was not able to do this without my band. Is my band responsible for my choices? Nope, but it is a huge help. I am the one that makes my butt get out of bed in the dark 5 times a week and get to 2 or 3 Zumba classes each week. That's like 7 to 8 workouts a week. It's me that gets my water and protein in each day. The band helps me keep my calories in check though by limiting my portions and for that I am grateful.

  5. I agree that we have to do the work, but it is wise to have your band adjusted to the green zone. Speaking from a standpoint of going from red to yellow-- and seeing the pounds rising, I know I have to work, but I also know that my responsibilities to myself include working my band so it is properly adjusted.

  6. I love this post! Thank you for putting in writing what I always want to say when someone is in a "plateau" who is not doing the work to lose weight....eating right and exercising. Its not magic, its just a tool....WE STILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK!

  7. Hell to the yes!!! Preach on! Amen and Hallelugher!

  8. Thank you for this post!!! Definitely putting things into perspective for me when I get banded next month! Thank you!

  9. Word!! Holla!!! and a What! What!! This is right on!

    have been working on a "This is my Band Philosophy" type post and THIS is definitely gonna get linked when I post it. It's definitely "required" reading.

  10. Well said, girlfriend!

    When I first started my journey, I spent a lot of time on one of the lapband forums. I rarely go over there these days because I always end up getting pissed off at the people who are talking about how the band failed them because they can eat an extra value meal from McDonalds. I always want to reply to them saying "Obviously you don't have enough restriction but just because you CAN eat an extra value meal doesn't mean you SHOULD."

    I can't believe the number of people who have surgery thinking that the band will do all the work and then get upset when it doesn't...I'm not sure if surgeons just aren't explaining things well enough or if people just don't want to hear the truth...probably a combination of the two.

    Can you tell this is a hot-button for me...LOL?!

    ***Getting off my soap box now***

  11. You are someone to look up too!

  12. Well written and well said!

    This is no picnic or walk in the park, although walking in the park is a start getting your ASS up off the old couch!

    This is hard work and no easy ride! Anyone who thinks so needs to rethink why they were banded.

    Great Post!

  13. I agree 100% - if you are not committed by eating right and exercising - the band will not work for you - definitely - it is a "tool" not a magic bean!

    Great post.

  14. It is a tool. Just like you need a key to get in the car. Lose it and you are locked out. Or a plunger to unplug a toilet. It can still get plugged (sorry for the graphics). We need tools. And if we use it properly, it'll work. That's what I love about blogging. It gets the real message out there. Liked your post so much I had to become a follower. Congrats on your awesome weight loss. It can and does work when we figure out we can't sit back.

  15. hey brenda! new follower here, found you on Lap Band Gal's page. I just moved FROM Texas to Illinois, I was in the FW area. I miss it SO much! Glad I found your blog and excited to follow you!

    trisha :)

  16. Great post! No one said this was going easy. The band gives me that extra piece of hope that keeps me going. But I (through God's immeasurable grace) make the choice to do right.