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I am a 39 yr. old stay at home mom to 3 girls ages 10, 9 and 7. My goal is to be fit by 40! I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was banded on 4/5/2011. I tend to be a bit on the sarcastic and cynical side. I love to read, hate to excersise (but am learning to tolerate it!), love to shop and want to smack anyone who is a size 2 (not really!). I am learning to work with my band and my new self one day at a time!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Puppy Pictures

This is sooooooooo  not related to weight loss but, I wanted to share the puppy pictures.  These are half pug half weenie dog!  They are so tiny they fit in the palm of my hand.  I wonder if they will still be cute when they get a bit older.  Such  a strange combo! 

Six little noisy rat looking puppies.  One did not make it.  But these six are LOUD.  How can something so small make so much noise?  It is one of lifes little mysteries.

How cute is that?  It is sound asleep with its tongue hanging out!

Isn't the momma gorgeous?  She is probably the prettiest pug I have ever seen.  And she is ROTTEN.


  1. Oooooh cannot WAIT to see pics as they get a bit bigger too. Please keep us updated. I have a dachshund mix and he's my son!! I am so excited to see these babies as they grow.
    Totally wish I could buy one from you!! : (

  2. So cute!!! I'm curious what they will look like when they get older too!

  3. Ohhhhh- I love the babies. Please keep the pictures coming.

  4. Hi Brenda! Thank you for Following me! I am now your newest Follower...I too love the photos of the puppies. and the mom is sooo cute too! She really does have gorgeous coloring.

    I hope that you don't mind, but I am giving you a shout out in my Blog as I do with every new Follower. I also "borrowed" one of your buttons. The "you can't scare me--I have kids"! If you don't want me to display it on my Blog, please let me know and I will remove it immediately!

    By the way, you were only Banded in April and have already lost 114 lbs are only 29 lbs away from goal??? I am sooo jealous of your will power and dedication to your following the proper diet!!

  5. Monday morning "awwww...!!!" moment in office accomplished! ;)

    They are so cute!

  6. hello i stumbled across your adventure and following you if you dont mind:)

  7. They are so adorable! I just love puppies!

  8. I love puppies...I just want to hug them and smell their puppy breath!!!