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I am a 39 yr. old stay at home mom to 3 girls ages 10, 9 and 7. My goal is to be fit by 40! I want to lead a healthier lifestyle. I was banded on 4/5/2011. I tend to be a bit on the sarcastic and cynical side. I love to read, hate to excersise (but am learning to tolerate it!), love to shop and want to smack anyone who is a size 2 (not really!). I am learning to work with my band and my new self one day at a time!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

100 Pounds Down!!!

This morning as I stepped on the scale, confetti and balloons fell from my ceiling.  Not really, but it would have been nice. 

217.1..............I began this journey at 318.  101 lbs. lost and not to EVER be found again.

I really can not believe it.  It is almost surreal.  I have stepped on the scale at least 10 times today to make sure it is correct.

I can't believe how emotional I am getting over this.  I am crying as I type. 

Honestly, I thought when I got down this size I would be content with where I am.  225 and I have spend YEARS together.  It is the number that I weighed after each pregnancy.  A size 16W or 18 in regular size.

But, now 217.............I am just passing through this number.  I am off to smaller and better things.

Next stop, Onderland.


  1. GIRLFRIEND! That is freakin' AWESOME! :) *hugsss!* Congrats!

  2. AWESOME!!!! Onederland is right around the corner!!!

  3. Absolutely, amazingly WONDERFUL!!! I am sooooo thrilled for YOU!!!


  4. Way to go!!! Keep up the fabulous work and Onederland will be right around the corner!

  5. I am such a weird-o that I actually clapped when I read you passed 100. Awesome!!

  6. Getting caught up on postings and I'm so glad I did ... ::: HUGE confetti toss for you ::: I am just thrilled for you and yesyesyes ... onto wonderland for you !