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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How Do You Treat Others?

I have finally noticed a BIG difference in the way people treat me.

I get my door held open for me.  People make eye contact.  Strangers approach me.  I am not ignored.

Funny isn't it that when we were really large we were ignored?  When we needed the most compassion we got none.

I will say that I am sure I treat the world a lot differently than I did 97 lbs. ago.  I am sure I make eye contact more, that I smile more and that I actually start conversations now.  I hold my head a little higher, fix my hair, wear makeup again.........I just feel better physically and mentally.

I think  that what we put out there in the world we get back.  Kind of a Kharma thing.  If I put out negativaty, how can I expect to get positivity back?

But, it has become blatentley obvious that men especially are treating me different.

Yesterday, I had to take my flat tire in for repair.  The salesperson not only opened the truck to get out the tire, he hauled it in for me.  He asked me my name.  He held the door for me.  Would this have happened when I was 300 lbs.?  Probably not.

The world is kind of funny.  We are a fickle beauty chasing species.  Is that fair?  No.  But it is.

I really don't know what to make of this newfound treatment.  Part of me is sad that we put so much stock in beauty and being thin that we do not see true inside beauty.  Part of me is offended (yes, the 300 lb. girl wants to punch someone).  And part of me feels like I have worked hard so I should just accept it.

I will tell you this, I will NOT ignore people.  Thin, large, short, tall..........everyone has something to offer. 

And, that is what makes me glad I am going through this journey. 



  1. That's something I've noticed as well. I think that it's just part of life, the only thing we can really do is make sure we never treat anyone the same way we were treated. :)

  2. I have noticed the same thing and although I realized it was going on when I was over 300 lbs I don't think I realized the true extent of it. This experience has just increased my desire to go out of my way to make eye contact and talk to people who don't normally get a lot of interraction in public...obese, physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, etc...just saying hello and acknowledging them can really make their day (I know it would have made mine).

  3. Once I was at a deli counter (with no number thingee) and the woman totally ignored me and went to the person behind me. I said (loudly): do you NOT see me here ... I'm the biggest one on this side of the counter !! Everyone *but me* was more than a little embarassed ... lol

  4. Cece.......that is pathetic. The employee should be ashamed of herself!

  5. I have always thought it was strange that the larger I found myself, the more invisible I became.
    I actually said to my surgeon in one of my pre-op appointments that I want to shred this cloak of invisibility. He didn't seem to understand. I am glad you ladies do understand.

  6. I am glad that I have found a group of ladies that know exactly what I am going through.

  7. Seeing the difference in how I am treated now makes me think long and hard about how I treat others - GREAT post!