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Monday, September 19, 2011

Heavy Load

This weekend I had to go grocery shopping.  It is something I HATE to do.  I tend to pick up industrial sizes in most items so I do not have to return anytime soon. 

On my list to buy was dog food.  Let me explain something.  I have not 1 dog but 4.  Yes, 4!  Why?  Because I am certifiably CrAzY.  Each one of my kids begged and pleaded to have their own furry friend.  They swore they would take care of them.  But who feeds, waters and does the potty breaks?  That's right, ME! 

We have:  1 Schnauzer, 1 Lab, 1 Daschund, and 1 Pug.  Each girl had to have a certain kind of dog and then of course my hubby HAD to have a hunting dog (i.e. Lab).  So, 3 kids, 4 dogs, one gutter kitty (she is the stray country cat I feed) and one husband makes for one chaotic house.

But, back to my point.

At the grocery store I looked for the biggest bag of dog food.  Because heaven only knows how much dog food we go through in a week.

I found a 44 lb. bag.  The biggest the store had.  I proceeded to lift it into my buggy.  You know how heavy a 44 lb. bag of dog food is?  SUPER heavy.  It took me several tries to throw it in the bottom of the cart.

Then I got to thinking....................

I have lost 102 lbs.  That is the equivalent of  2 1/2 bags of dog food.  DANG!!!  I had trouble lifting a 44 lb. bag.  No wonder I was always so tired when I weighed 300+ lbs.

I can not imagine lugging that weight around anymore.  I feel lighter and have so much more energy.  I can walk 5 miles no problem.  I do not have to park close at the grocery store anymore.  I can go through the day without having to rest.  I just feel so much better.

102 lbs. is A LOT. 

It is a very heavy load to have carried. 

It is a load I DO NOT MISS.

I wonder how great I will feel after I lose the next 50 pounds.

I can not wait to find out!


  1. My husband loves to hand me things in the store and says something like "do you realize you have lost 3 times what this weighs?". I'm always amazed because I don't think I truely realize how much I've lost...

  2. WOO HOO!!! What a great realization. And ummm hi , I love dogs but wow, 4 is a lot to take on. Good for you providing them with a loving home!

  3. I get those bags of dog food too! It's crazy to really think about carrying that much extra weight around! No wonder we got tired do any kind of physical activity!

  4. glad to hear that you're proud of your accomplishments!! you're doing great, Brenda.

  5. I said that exact thing yesterday- I wonder how good I will feel when I lose another 50 lbs...... Isn't this the greatest feeling?
    You have lost 100 LBS. That is so awesome.

  6. Isn't it wonderful???? Even on those weeks I may only lose a pound - I love knowing I've lost a pound of butter!!

  7. I can't believe nobody helped you! Grr.

    And I bet the back 50 will feel just as good as the first 100+. :)