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Monday, September 5, 2011

Oh, Peanut Butter.............How I Love Thee.

Peanut butter is my downfall.  Any peanut product.  It doesn't matter.  I am not picky.

Nutter Butters, Jif by the spoonfull, homeade peanut butter cookies, honey roasted peanuts, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups................the list is endless.

When I was pregnant with my middle child I survived on peanut butter.  Really.  Everything else gave me heartburn.  And after she came out?  Everything gave her heartbearn............except, you guessed it.......peanut butter.  So, for 6 months while breastfeeding I ate peanut butter.

I know it is packed full of protein.  But, I am like a crack addict with it.  I even eat Capn Crunch Peanut Butter flavor.  *Sigh*

I don't wonder why the scale hasn't budged in 4 days..............I know why.  PEANUT BUTTER.

As I am looking through all my food logs I am seeing a trend.  Peanut butter has made a re-appearance.  I know there is healthy peanut butter out there.  I have tried it.  But, YUK.........dry and nasty.  No, I like the really bad Jif.  The full flavor with the loaded oil.  The kind that stays on your hips once it passes your lips.

Why am I writing this?  So, I can be accountable to all of you.

My goal this week is to cut peanut butter out.  I don't know whether to cut it out completely or limit it to maybe 2 servings this week.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

Right now I am going to go convulse in a corner..............because my peanut butter withdrawls have already started.


  1. Don't give it up completely or you will binge when you finally get it! I LOVE peanut butter too and ONLY JIF!~

  2. That's from me Brenda! Hi, its Kristin! lol

  3. Have you tried Better 'n peanut butter. It's been a life saver :)

  4. I hear you on things creeping back in...for me, it's better to just cut things out - I find it's just easier to not open the floodgates, you know? I always found that once I was able to say "no" to something once, it got easier after that, but that's just me. That's my 2 cents! Good luck with the PB withdrawel!!!

  5. Jiff's the best.. sorry I'm with you on this one! I like PB in a vanilla protein shake - makes me feel as though I'm doing a healthy thing!

  6. I would start with allowing myself a serving or two a week. If you can do that and continue to lose, then do it. Just choose to exercise more or cut back on calories elsewhere if the scale refuses to move. It is all about choices.

  7. Peanut butter is good in moderation but a problem if it's a trigger food. I would try to limit it to a couple of times a week - that way, you won't feel so deprived. Also, have you looked into the PB2 (powdered peanut butter)? I've heard good things about it and supposedly it has good taste but a lot less fat and calories. I personally haven't tried it but am looking for it locally and will let you know what I think of it once I snag some...

  8. I say keep two servings, it's got protein and some healthy fats. No cholesterol, at least that's what my grandma always tells me... not sure if she's right.

    I'm a peanut addict, too. But I try to limit myself to only 2 tbsp per week. It's hard!

  9. I puffy heart Peanut Butter too. I can't keep it in the house because I will eat it all up. yum.